Eyes, vet and tomato-thief..

Status of the week

My eyes have arrived. That was amazing. The postal “service” did their usual bang up job destroying peoples property. These are handmade!

I tried to fix them. I need to work on my project. I’m trying to finish it so I’m listening to a book at the same time to make it easier. It’ll be finished. It just takes some time. Sooo many parts..

We had a “cattie date” with the vet. Just the annual check-up and she doesn’t mind too much. Unfortunately it wasn’t “her” vet, she likes him so much. This time it was a she-vet and allthough she was kind and competent, it’s not the same. But we got through without a hitch and went home with a “perfect condition” as always. It’s a nice reward for all my “work”. She knows she’s good at the vet’s. She’s very polite to our driver too. Being an engel in the car, no concert or other “fun” stuff. She deserved a bit of luxery when we came home, so I found some shrimp for her. She loves that.

The other day I got this “brilliant” idea. Instead of having to go and pick a tomato for Moxxi every time, I thought it could be useful if she could pick them herself. Just like she picks cherries and blackberries. So I taught her to pick tomatoes and I could say “please pick one. Gentle” and she did that. Very carefully. She’s a fast lerner. Last night I had moved the tomatoes inside because I wanted to give them some more soil and stuff. I got distracted by a cattie who caughed. Got some grass for her and make sure she was allright and forgot all about the tomatoes. Moxxi didn’t. She accidently dropped three green ones on the floor and then I saw. There were only two ripe ones left.. Dang! Clever girl! I examined the plants. Not a single stem was broken or damaged. I have to admit — it’s bloody impressive! So we’ve refined a bit so she only picks them when she’s allowed. It’s not her fault. It’s mine for forgetting to tell her that part. I also had to tell her that the green ones makes “auie in da bacon” (tummy ache) while touching her belly and give her a worried look. She understands this (I made her stop eating slugs this way). I hope she can smell the difference between green and red tomatoes.

Haven’t made any paintings lately. I seem to have lost my mojo. Maybe it fell out of my pocket when mowing the lawn just like my phone. For once I had it on me and of course I dropped it. I know better than this. Found it but this is why the phone’s rarely where I am. It doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll find my mojo somewhere too. I am working on a short story inspired by my surroundings. Maybe that’ll work. Time will tell. In the last few weeks I’ve been baking and it seems like the oven and I are slowly coming to an understanding. That’s nice.

This little guy .. or girl – I can’t tell the difference – found this spot to rest and allowed a photo shoot. So calm and friendly. That’s why I like bumblebees.

Have a great day..

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