Oven, stitches and shouting..

Status of the week

Another test and getting to know the oven happened. Before I did anything else I imagined oven gods and asked for one – just one – oven related succes this week. Is that too much to ask? I think not. The cinnamon rolls turned out great and yummy although a couple of them went up and made small pyramid. They were quite ambitious! I find it mildly amusing that in this country they’re called cinnamon snails, because they look like the house of a snail seen from the side, but in english they’re rolls. Because of the way they’re made I assume. If you’d like to try these delicious rolls I posted the recipe here. So yeah, there are oven gods and I got what I asked for, that was really nice. Who should I talk to in order to get a clean kitchen when I’m done pretending to be good at baking? 😉

Learned to crochet bobbles and picot stitches. They’re used in my current project and not as difficult to make as I thought. I’ve added them to the list and found a video that shows how to make them. Updated a bit and alphabetized as well to make it easier to find stuff on the list. I’m so accustomed to using Ctrl+f and type what I’m looking for on a page, it never accured to me to alphabetize but now it is. Better late than never I guess. Still waiting for my eyes to arrive but they have to travel over a thousand kilometres and that takes time. I can wait. In the meantime I’ll crochet horns.

Got a yelling from my back too. A friend of mine needed help to move a lawnmower. You know one of those you can sit on, big and heavy. It’s been sitting in the same spot for years, weeds growing tall around it, flat tires, rust and other “fun” stuff like a lot of crawlies who had made it into a home. We removed the weeds, pulled and pushed, we really tried and it didn’t budge. Of course it didn’t. Couldn’t even turn the wheels. Two hundred kilos doesn’t move easily. At some point I heard something. “Hey! Hey! HEY! Stop it right this instant or I’ll snap!!” … When your back yells at you like this, you listen! So we stopped. I’m not willing to put my back on the line, and I had a feeling it would end like this even before beginning. I know I’m not as strong as I used to, breathing is.. not good. But when a friend asks for help, what do you do? Say no? Later that day I saw two young men in a car and the lawnmower sitting on the trailer behind it. Good. They’re younger, stronger and more willing (and able) to take a risk and they succeded – that was great! I was told later they had to lift the damn thing into the trailer! Well done guys!

I chose to not cut the grass in a patch beside the hedge. It’s such a lovely spot for the deer. Peace and quiet (as long as Moxxi’s sleeping too), they’re somewhat protected and they seem to like it there. Best of all; the hunters can’t get to them here. Maybe they somehow know that.

Deer relaxing and ruminating beside my hedge

Have a great day..

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