Rain and practise..

Except for two days it’s been raining non-stop all week. Those two days were lovely. In the late afternoon it gets a bit nippy in the shadow, but in the sun it was really nice. Moxxi helped herself at the blackberries after hunting mice, the rose and the catnip plant are still blooming – I’ll […]

Carrot cake..

Recipe This cake is very delicious. Fresh out of the oven and the whole house has a nice fragrance. There’re carrots in it so it healthy, right? Wrong! It’s not good for us but dang it’s good. Let’s heat up that oven! We’ll need: 2 eggs 100 g butter 150 g brown sugar 125 AP […]

Puffballs, wild patch and the beach..

Some years there’re puffballs in the lawn. It’s usually a fall thing but I found one a couple of days ago. Some claim they’re edible but since I never eat mushrooms to me they’re just something I don’t want in my lawn. Accidents happen and I don’t want a sick doggo. Especially not when the […]

Learning, berries and butterflies..

I’m late today, but I trust you’ll forgive me. I’ve wanted to be able to knit toe up socks for years but never got around to it until now. My problem is difficulties reading – or rather understanding – a written pattern. It’s a perception (not stupidity) thing and it just means I need to […]

Teaching, yuck! and fast cake..

I wanted to try guacamole and I had a sense of deja-vu but couldn’t figure out why. Prepared, chopped, avoided “avocado-hand” (it’s a thing) and mixed. It looked really delicious and I so wanted to like it because it’s easy nutrition. But alas.. I very rarely spit out food – I am a bit civilized […]

Small but mighty dragon

Finished amigurumi Dragons are awesome! Majestic, beautiful and very very old. Of course they don’t exist but that doesn’t make them any less fascinating. My dragon is finally finished and I’m really happy with it.This one is supposed to be made with a 4 mm hook, so of course I made it with a 2,5 […]

Eyes, vet and tomato-thief..

Status of the week My eyes have arrived. That was amazing. The postal “service” did their usual bang up job destroying peoples property. These are handmade! I tried to fix them. I need to work on my project. I’m trying to finish it so I’m listening to a book at the same time to make […]

Apple crumble

Recipe When someone drops by for coffee it’s nice to give them baked goods to go with it. At least that’s the custom here and if you can’t bake you buy something. If you can bake you do that if you have time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cake-mix or from scratch. The fragrance […]

Oven, stitches and shouting..

Status of the week Another test and getting to know the oven happened. Before I did anything else I imagined oven gods and asked for one – just one – oven related succes this week. Is that too much to ask? I think not. The cinnamon rolls turned out great and yummy although a couple […]