Status of the week..

I want to try something different. I’ve tried blogging in different styles and it doesn’t seem to work for me and I get stressed out. I don’t want to make a post just for doing it and it would of course be easier if I could keep to one topic. I think it’s admirable that people can do that. I’m a bit all over the place as usual just like irl. They say a leopard can’t change it’s spots and maybe there’s some truth to that. I could write a lot of things but I say to my self that nobody’s interested so leave it and the small things aren’t worth a whole post anyway. So.. lets try something else this time and see how that goes. Maybe it’s a kind of structure. Who am I kidding?! Structure isn’t in my vocabulary.. ūüėä

While Moxxi is occupied with her “Dog Tornado” I can write. I put some wet dog food in some of the compartments and added a tiny bit of water and froze the whole thing. Great idea! When she sees it she starts licking her mouth. She knows and wants! She also wants my tomatoes but she’s not allowed to help herself. I’m proud of this. Keeping those two plants alive long enough to get tomatoes is quite a feat, never grew tomatoes before and I don’t have a green thumb. It’s uphill all the way. I gave them some more room, those small pots only contained a bit of soil and a whole lot of roots. It was easy to create a routine with these because they need water every day so that helped a lot. I also gave them some support, they got quite top-heavy. All that pollination sure did help! We’ve tasted them and they’re really good. As in.. heck! This is not the last time I do this! Tiny Tim tomatoes tastes terrific!

Don’t let her innocent face fool you. She knows exactly what it is. I can’t let her be alone with them. She loves small tomatoes and she can have some of them but only when I give her. She would eat them all. She’s good at picking things herself. Like blackberries and cherries. This time there hasn’t been any cherries worth mentioning. Usually the trees are filled with dark red. Not this time. The starlings who only visits when the cherries are ready didn’t even wait until they were ripe this time. They fought over them – must have been a hundred based on the incredible noise and feathers literally flying. We’ve found maybe 20 cherries for Moxxi to have, a few of them on the lowest branches so she could have the joy of picking them herself. Mostly they were spread out over a large area and too far up for Mox to reach, so hooman hands had to help out.

The crochet project has been postponed and it annoys me. Being not good at sewing is limiting. I’ve practised and done everything I could and it looks like crap no matter what I do. So the eyes couldn’t be made and I had to hunt down some safety eyes. I don’t mind that but it’s going to take some extra time. I couldn’t find what I wanted in this country (no surprise there) so I looked to England like so many times before and found what I needed. I hope the eyes come soon. The rules have changed however so it’s not business as usual to buy stuff across the Channel. I’m not quite sure how it works now but that’s a problem for future me. I can’t be bothered today. It’s warm and I managed to trim the hedge as in .. cutting and slimming and reducing violently. It was to wide for me to handle and now there’re patches with no leaves but I hope it’ll be ok before winter. It’s not real hedge, just bushes planted close to each other. They’ll survive.

I tried to bake some cookies a couple of days ago. They came out as a complete disaster. They looked awful. I must have messed up somewhere. Tasted fine though. Next time I’ll bake something else. I need to get to know that oven and I don’t know any other way. I have a whole chicken in the freezer, maybe I should toss that in there and see what comes out.

The small chicks from the hedge are grown now. A couple of weeks ago one of them fled into the stems of the elephant grass because it came too close to Mox and I. It was getting flying lessons and when we backed up a bit, mama bird (I assume) came for it and they flew over to the empty trash can I use for water and paused there. Then took off again and into the safety of the big bushes. I’m almost sure it’s the Common Whitethroat (sylvia communis) based on behaviour and sounds. A very common bird but I still think it was an interesting experience to follow them from egg to adult.

This fellow visited today. About 2 cm long and almost 1 cm wide. Turned out to be a Large Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa).

Never seen one of those before but that makes sense. Apparently they live in warm countries like Spain, Italy and Malta and they’re a rare guest in Scandinavia. It was crawling on my floor, it must have gotten in through the cat net in the window and decided to rest on the floor. It was easy to pick up with a glass and a piece of paper. Very gentle, calm and docile just like “my” regular bumblebees. I put it in a hollyhock and was lucky enough to get a visit from one of my regulars so I could compare them. Same size and just as fuzzy but all black. So beautiful. After a bit it flew off and the sound is just as loud as my regulars. Love when things like this happen. ‚̧

What I’ve enjoyed most this week is that it’s so warm that I can work in the garden and not having to put on extra clothes and I can move my hands. The sun give happines, vitamins and and energy. This is the best time of the year and I wish it would last forever.

Have a great day..

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