Summer cleaning..

Moxxi’s toy box

Sometimes I have to organize Moxxi’s toy chest. She doesn’t like when I do that but we need to get rid of the things that doesn’t belong in there like dead spiders, dust bunnies and weird branches she’s hauled inside. This time she invites you to have a look and share her joy with you. All the toys out, clean up and examine the toys one by one to see if they’rs still in good shape and not dangerous for her. Uh she’s spoiled! There’s so many. Here we go:

This is the absolute favorite one! Every time we come inside after doing nr. 2 she’ll get a beef stick in small pieces in this and she enjoys to get them out. It’s too easy but she likes it. She’ll pick it up and throw it and then look at me. No scientist is needed to figure that one out. We take it outside and play football and have a ton of fun. She’s a great goalie.

This one she got last Christmas. It’s good but too easy to play with and difficult to carry for her. But it’s great for treats a little bigger than usual.

She had a small Buster cube when she was a lil’ pup. She found out how to play but didn’t have the patience so when she got adult teeth she ended up biting down really hard at the “seam” and cracking the whole thing open. This one is the big version. It’s too big for her to bite down on. (mum’s evil!) It’s still fun and when she’s playing with it, it sounds as if she’s remodeling half the house. Lots of noice! Great toy!

Chew stuff is crucial! She loves to chew and can bit really hard when it’s bone and horn.There’s not much left of a piece of buffalo horn that was surprisingly hard. It used to be eliptic and hollow. The other one was filled with marrow and now it sometimes gets filled with liver paté and becomes a “dogsicle”. She really loves that.

These are fun. Squeaking, jumping and especially fun when you have to dig out 8 or 9 of them from under the couch, but even the catties like to play with them. Only used indoors because of the “fluff”. It’ll pick up sand and small stones that – over time – will ruin the teeth. So.. not for outdoor play. She found the weak spot in ordinary tennis balls, bites down along the “seam” and voilá two pieces of ball. So Kong it is. She can’t crack these open.

This one can and will go outside. It can’t pick up anything and it’s great fun. Squeaker inside that I’m not strong enough to activate, but Moxxi bites hard enough to make it say something. Great for retrieving. They say huskies won’t do that but as long as she get’s a treat once in a while, she’ll get it for sure. This is a heavy duty fun ball.

She doesn’t like this one. It was a “joke” gift frome someone else because of a previous dog I had who had one and would walk around with it like a baby. Maybe Mox would too. Sniff sniff chew hmm, no dice! And the weak point is the handle. It’s so easy to chew off so maybe a good thing she doesn’t want it.

This one is one of her first toys. I bought it for her because of all the protrusions and figured it would be good for teething. It was brilliant for that. It’s still good and it has taken a lot of beating and been outside countless times. It’s really sturdy! When she swings it around and accidently hits you it hurts. It’s all good fun.

It’s a fun one but only if there’s someone to play with. It’s great for a nice game of tug of war. There’s a strong elastic band inside and it stretches a good deal. I usually let her tug only. I’m careful after having seen a dog where the canine tooth was semi ripped out of the jaw from too violent a game. I don’t want that to happen to her.

The Jumbler is amazing! We’ve played with this for almost four years now and she hasn’t been able to ruin it completely. She did manage to find the weak spot (again) and poke a hole but not more than that. It’s really sturdy! The way the handles are placed give you and the dog perfect grip for playing together. There’s even some tug of war with it. The ball inside makes interesting sounds and the whole thing bounces funny. A real hit!

This is a nice one for a teething puppy. She doesn’t play much with it anymore but she doesn’t want me to throw it out either (she retrieves it if I try). There’s a squeaker inside and it bounces funny.

The babbler is weird and funny and difficult. It bounces funny but it’s hard to get a good grip for her. Especially if there’s a bit of saliver involved. But it makes funny sounds depending on how you move it. Very sturdy. Sometimes she want’s this to go outside.

The rope. Like all dogs she likes them. A little to much in fact. I have to cut of the frayed ends because she chews them off and literally eats them. They don’t belong in her belly. But a rope or two is a must and they’re great fun to play with, chew on or use as a pacifier. She’ll suck on it while kneading, if she needs a bit of self soothing because she made a bad and got a stern look from an displeased mum. Fortunately that’s the worst that can happen and we’re never in bad standing for more than a couple of minutes. That’s all we need to get the memo.

These are really good. Sturdy, squeaky and are allowed outside. I always have an extra of these because she plays with them the most. And because she found the weak spot and knows exactly how to open them. She’s has even destroyed the squeaker in one without opening it. How?? She loves these.

This one is a failure. It smells like peppermint and I imagine it tastes of it too. Mox doesn’t like that. I tried to wash it several times and it didn’t help. It seems sturdy and fun to play with but the smell (and maybe taste) makes it unwanted in Moxxi’s world. It has to go.

The “infamous” tug-a-jug. Oh boy, this one really drove her up the wall. She’s quick to decode how-to. Her nemesis is her lack of patience when it comes to things like this. Granted, it’s VERY difficult. She found out how to in about fifteen minutes but getting the treats out. THAT was extremely hard! She tried and tried. She was sweating and panting, she worked so hard and still no treats. You could see the increasing frustration in her whole body: “I know what to do, why..are..they..not..coming..OUT?!” Then she lost it; grabbed the rope and tossed the whole thing away. BAM! It hit the wall and the miracle happened. Some treats came out. She didn’t think twice about it, eating the treats and went for the rope again. Her mood shifted instantly. Looking confident, “I got this!” And she did. Tossing the bottle around and make it hit everything around her, she got the treats out. It’s not quite the way to do it but it was a great test of durability (and ear plugs). It didn’t brake. Some months later I had to remove the rope – it was too frustrating and she started to eat the frayed part. So now I put her kibble in it when she brings it – it’s clear what she want – and she uses it correctly and eat her food that way. Either way – it’s a great toy!

So.. everything checked. Nothing that can hurt her but I wasn’t allowed to toss anything out, not even the stinker. Back in the box with everything and then she inspected to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

You know.. when I look at this post I’d think it was sponsored. It isn’t. The reason for all the Kong products is simple: it’s the only available brand that has a chance of lasting. For a dog who loves to chew and can bite hard it takes a sturdy toy. There’re no plushies in the box. We tried and also the sturdy ones. She never rips anything apart but she instantly goes into seam ripper mode and with the small front teeths removes the stitches! I’ve never seen a dog be so methodical! Then she pulls it apart in the seams to find what’s inside. A normal size plushie takes about six to eight minutes to turn inside out. So.. no plushies. It’s too dangerous for her, she refuses to do otherwise and she gets extremely sad when the toy brakes and I have to take it away. There’s no need to go there.

This might be a little help if you want to give your doggo a nice gift but aren’t sure if it’s the right one. When I buy a toy for her I have a mental check list based on what she showed me she likes: sturdy, blue if I can get it, bouncy, good for when she throws it around and a mental challenge if there is one. Moxxi says: except for the stinker and prank one she likes all her toys ❤

Have a great day..

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