Choices are nice. Everyone likes to be able to choose what they want. With two things to choose from it’s hard not to choose between them even when it’s nothing relevant. Like reading this post or not. See what happened? Maybe you read on and maybe you tune out but you’ve chosen. If you chose to read on: thank you.

A couple of weeks ago I chose to start a crochet ami project with only three colours but with about fifty bodyparts and decorations. I didn’t count until I had some of it done. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started the project. It’s intimidating. I think it’ll be nice when it’s finished but I want to finish it before I show you.

Moxxi and I went for our usual walk around 11 p.m. last night. We never plan the walk, it depends on different things. The temperature has to be low enough for Mox, my shoes have to be right for the task, Mox refuse to walk if it rains more than a light drizzle and there has to be enough light for me to see if I don’t want the imagination to run off and mess with my mind just because I hear a fox nearby (they’re very active right now). If all that lines up, we walk. It’s kind of like the if-then-else control flow statement.

Today is another warm day. People and animals are suffering and I have the deepest respect for that. I – with my usual unpopular opinion – enjoy this warmth. Really and truly enjoy it. I won’t say this out loud irl because of the responses I get, but you see.. there’s no pain in the joints right now. I can move like I want to and not be in pain. I can walk, do exercises and do things I usually can’t do without pain. That makes me happy and comfortable for once so I’m enjoying the warm weather. Mox and I chose to eat some ice-cold watermelon in the shade of the cherry tree. That was absolutely amazing!

We heard the distinct “chop-chop-chop” and looked for it. Mox is good at looking up too when she hears something. You know the sound of rotor blades, the helicopter is close by but it can be difficult to find it. Suddenly it’s there. What is it doing? No idea. Maybe someone fell out of a boat again. That happens all the time in the summer. Usually tourists. I hope they find what or who they’re looking for.

The harvest has begun and right now the sound of farm machinery is everywhere. On the closest field – about forty meters from my windows – they’re raking the hay that’s been drying for a couple of weeks. It’s a slow and noisy process, not to mention the dust they whirl up in the proces. This is going to take a couple of days, then they’ll move on the the field on the other side of the house. Fortunately there’s a/c in the tractors and such. Without it the task would be much worse.

So I can choose to hang out landry and thereby choosing to wash it again or I can wait until the dust settles. I can choose to close the windows and the door and thereby making it worse for Mox than it is. She ‘s lying in front of her fan and refuses to do anything, waiting for the evening cool to come – I’m not going to make it worse for her. So I choose the open windows and door and thereby choosing the migraine that follows when the farm machinery has been noisy all day. I’m used to it, it’ok.

Someone mentioned the fact that I could “just” turn on the a/c. That comment always makes me chuckle because the sender automatically assume that I have one. They’re not to blame, maybe it’s standard in their area. Not here. Far from. In factories, stores and such, of course but in private homes, no. It’s – dare I say it – way too expensive. I know of a person who for several months saved up to buy an a/c only to find out that they use a shit-ton of electricity and the result was that it could only be turned on for about half an hour at a time if the person didn’t want to go bankrupt. That person is worse off than me. That’s why it’s not standard in ordinary peoples homes. We use table fans instead. They’re on most of the day. Especially today where it’s “only” 24o C but the humidity is 84%. The last one is what makes it worse. Like a sauna. It’s too warm for most people. I understand. I wish I could store all this wonderful warmth for winter. Wouldn’t that be something..

Right now while I’m writing this there’s a mug of coffee beside me. There’s also a bottle of water. I’ll go for that when the coffee’s gone to fill up what the coffee tossed out. I choose to procrastinate right now. You see, the grass is getting longer every day and before long I have to do something about it. But right now I choose to sit a little longer, enjoying the warm weather and enjoying the warm cup of coffee.

Have a great day and take care..

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