Home made paw pad care..

No chemicals – easy to make

The paw pads of a dog and outdoor cats has to deal with a lot. Heat, cold and every kind of surface. They’ll get cracked – that hurts – if not cared for. I feel it’s a good investment to care for the paw pads. Not only does it prevent damage on the paw pads but it’s also a great way to be with the dog to build and maintain trust which – like in any relationship – is very important.

There are paw’s wax in the shops but it’s important to check what they’re made of. They may protect the paw pads but when the wax itself contains i.g. petrolatum which comes from petroleum, it’s problematic. On the skin it’s not that big a deal but don’t eat it – some of it may cause cancer. The question is: how do dogs and cats wash themselves? … Exactly! I don’t want Moxxi or the catties to get some of this into their system. It doesn’t belong there.

There are of course paw pad wax with only natural ingredients and that’s a great and safe option. To me they’re both way too expensive for what you get and I prefer to make the things myself, then I know exactly what’s in it, but that’s just me. What ever you prefer, the dog or cat will thank you for getting stuff that’s safe for them.

My paws wax is made from vegetable oil and pure bees wax. It’s easy and quick. If you want to try here’s what you do:

4 Tbsp vegetable oil (sunflower- or canola oil)
5 g of pure bees wax

Put the oil in a container that’s happy in the microwave oven.
Then rip or cut the bees wax into smaller pieces and dump them into the oil.
Microwave on full effect for 10-20 sec. at a time. Total micro time 1-2 min.
When the wax is melted mix the two.
Put it in the container you want it to stay in and let it cool of.

If the pawdicure is too firm, add a little more oil and repeat the process. Is it too thin, add a little was and repeat the process.
NB: You don’t want melted bees wax in the microwave. Wax repels water – it’s a nightmare! to clean up (don’t ask 😉). So.. you might want to keep a close eye on in while it’s in there.

When it’s cold test it, it should be easy to work with and a little softer than lip balm. It’s safe for the doggo, for the catties and for the hoomans.

Where? Moxxi’s paw pads, her elbows and her nose. She prefers the hard floor to lie on in summer – that causes callus on her elbows. It’s not dangerous for her but it must be annoying.
When? All year round.
What does it do? It protects the paw pads from drying out in summer, keeps the nose soft (it dries out when she’s digging) and the elbows soft as well. It protects against snow and salt in the winter – I just don’t do it the “normal” way. I rinse her paws when we get home and then apply the wax. That way the wax can’t collect salt and rubble on the walk and make it nasty for her to walk on. I imagine it’s like rubble in the shoes and her paws are always ready that way. I use this on me as well as lip balm, against callus and dry hands.

I still have four plates of bees was. It lasts a really long time (if you don’t make candles out of it) so it’s an affordable way to get a lot of safe care for catties, doggos and hoomans.

Have a great day..

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