Easy layered dinner..

A test with another piece of salmon. Last time I tried frying it in a pan. That turned out really yummy and the reason I’m willing to eat at least one kind of fat fish. I’ve heard of steamed salmon but never tasted it. Today I tried to make that.

Salt, pepper and a couple of chopped basil leaves on the salmon and into the steamer skin side down for 8-10 min. with a lid on.

A bed of couscous. Lettuce in the middle topped with pineapple pieces. Red bell pepper on the sides along with sweet corn. Salmon in the middle. Chopped fresh parsley on top and thousand island dressing last (after the pic).

The salmon was firm, light pink and done. It tasted a bit like fish but not much. Small bites made it rather pleasant. I finished it, something I would never do if it didn’t taste good, so.. it’s not the last time I try this. Easy, fast and not the most unhealthy dinner ever created..

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