Happy birthday, Moxxi..πŸ’Œ

Four years. Time goes by so quickly. Seems like yesterday she was just a lil’ pup with a small tail and a huge ego. Now she’s grown up girl with a big tail and a huge ego.
She doesn’t understand birthdays, obviously. But she understands gifts and and the exitement of new things. Her toy box is filled with gifts. Some are popular – if they give treats or are fun to toss around – and others not so much – they’re boring but sometimes she’ll spend time with them anyway. I hope this one will be popular, I hope there’s a challenge for her – it looks that way and I hope she’ll enjoy it.

Well.. the three “lids” included have to be added to the game, that’s for sure. It took her roughly about half a minute to figure out how to operate all four layers and then another minute to empty every filled compartment. If the lids are there it’s more difficult. We’ll do that. Also; it says in the “tips & tricks” that you can freeze wet dog food with water to make a cool treat. We’ll try that too. It’s not boring and she’s definately up for it. It’s just too easy for her. We’re gonna need a bigger number… A big rawhide bone and half a raw pig heart added to the fun. Doesn’t get any better than that. Have a great day doggo πŸ’•

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4 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Moxxi..πŸ’Œ

    1. Moxxi says: thank you so much 😊. You could try frozen treats for your cat. Maybe it’s a hit. I sometimes put ice cubes in the cattie water when the weather is really warm. They like that. Ice cubes are fun to play too (according to one of the catties). I say.. try it and see how your cat reacts.


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