Wool into yarn..

It seems weird but it isn’t. Many people do this. It’s a hobby just like everything else and those who spin their dog’s wool into yarn usually have a goal. A hat. A pair of mittens. Or some really warm socks. There’s different ways to spin and I won’t go into all of them here, but I’ll tell you about my way of spinning. This is what I need to make yarn. Two pet slicker brushes, some wool and a spindle. As I mentioned in the this post, the spindle is a wooden spoon because it creates perfect tension for the wool.

I don’t have “real” carders but I use two slicker brushes ment for animals. I would never use these on any animal. There’s no thingy in the ends, the risk of scratching the animal is too big. But.. they’re great for carding! And they’re small enough to fit my need perfectly. The purpose of carding the wool is to get rid of seeds, straws and other things that doesn’t belong there. Also to make the fibers go in the same direction. And to get rid of tangles and outer coat that isn’t good for spinning.

From a mess to a nice bit of wool that’s ready to transform into yarn (there’s still a strand or two of outer coat but it’s ok:

I pick the spot where I left off last and place that over the wool I have. Pushing it together makes it merge very well. Then turn the spindle enough times to create tension in the yarn and then letting go of the wool bit by bit: it comes out as yarn. I make two strands and then ply those together to get a thicker (warmer) and stronger yarn. After making yarn for a couple of hours my trousers look like I rolled around in the loose wool, but hey.. it’s worth it. The yarn is just as “normal” yarn: soft, strong and nice to work with.

Spinning sheeps wool is much easier than dog (or rabbit) wool. The fibers in sheeps wool are much longer thus making it easier to put together and it doesn’t brake that easily. But dog wool is fun and there’s something about the phrase “this hat is made of wool from my dog”, right? You generally get one of two reactions. 1: eeeeeww that’s so weird!! or 2: how cool is that?!

It’s not just huskies, malamutes and similar dogs that gives wool. They’re just some of the best because they give a lot! But any dog that creates a winter coat needs to shed it again. That wool is possible to spin. German Shepherd? Sure. Golden Retriever? Why not. Spaniels? The cat? Of course. I say: “Go for it”.

These two videos taught me how to spin by hand. I think she explains everything very nicely. Check them out if you like.

Introduction to Spinning part 1 and Introduction to Spinning part 2

Have a great day.. 😊

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