Airborne chicks..

They’re gone..

Yesterday when I came to check up on the chicks, I found an empty nest. There was one egg left but that’s it. I haven’t seen more than three chicks at the same time. Either they’ve been using the fourth chick as a pillow or it fell out and was taken by a crow. I don’t know. I never saw mama bird either. One of the five eggs didn’t hatch but it gave me an opportunity to study it, I can’t ruin anything for anyone now. I think it’s amazing that an egg this small can become a grown flying bird. I tried to find out what kind of bird it is and maybe it’s a common whitethroat (Sylvia communis) but I’m far from sure. It could also be a quite ordinary house sparrow (Passer domesticus). I don’t know that many birds and all the sounds I’ve heard is drowned by the (beautiful) song of the blackbird, so if there’s anyone who knows please tell me. Thanks. But no matter what species they are, they’re sweet.

I also think mama bird has been such a good sport. She’s no doubt been sitting in the whitethorn tree close by and keeping an eye on me. I’m sure of it. I also think that she desided that it was ok because I didn’t do any harm. Maybe she sensed that. Or maybe I’m giving her abilities she doesn’t have. I don’t know. I just know that it’s not often I get an opportunity like this – it would be a shame to let it pass me by. It’s been interesting and educational. Thanks to mama bird for letting me do this. I had a feeling the other day that it was one of the last pictures I was going to get. They looked “finished”.

They left and I hope they made it. They made it across the lawn. I know. I was there to see it. It was quite panicked and rushed but it makes sense. They’re not good at flying at first so they took some tumbles, the crows and buzzard are always out for an easy meal so they’re a real threat. I can’t do anything about that but what I can and will do is stand on the lawn without disturbing them while the chicks flaps frantically to get to safety in the trees. I’ll stay as long as it take because.. as long as I’m standing here the big birds won’t land. I can hear the buzzard scream in the sky but it doesn’t take long before it gives up and search for mice in the fields instead. The crows hang around a little longer but they can’t do anything. I’m way more scary than they’ll ever be. (Evil cackle..) The chicks made it to the trees. All is good.

If I’m right about the species I have to hurry before she lays another batch (if she recycles the nest). I have to get that hedge fixed now that I can’t disturbe them anymore. It’s been half trimmed for a couple of weeks and it looks.. creative!! 😉

Have a great day..

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