She’s finished..

It took about three months – maybe because spring was very cold compared to normal. But she’s done blowing coat. She’s back to normal shedding like everybody else. Now it’s possible to relax a little from the wolly side of cleaning. Brushing is reduced to normal; once a week. She’s happy the wool is gone and I’m happy for all the wool she has donated. There’s wool from two seasons here but it’s still a lot. I keep it in a paper bag so it won’t go bad and when the weather gets nasty again I’ll make some more yarn.

My spindle is a wooden spoon. The staple length is very short so the spoon provides perfect tension without ripping the wool apart. I’m no expert but it works. I prefer this way of spinning, it’s nice and stress free and it’s ok if it takes a while. A good book in the ears and just be one with the warmth and softness. Eventually there’ll be enough for a hat or mittens or..

Have a great day.. 😊

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5 thoughts on “She’s finished..

    1. Just like “normal” yarn. Surprisingly strong once it’s spun, nice and soft.. almost like cashmere. Some people are so skilled at it that they use a spinning wheel. That’s too fast for me and it takes a lot more wool. You can dye it just like sheeps wool too. 😊


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