Weird spider.. and arachnophobia!

One of the creatures here who don’t pay rent are the spiders. There’s a lot of them! One of them is the European garden spider (cross spider) Araneus diadematus. It’s one of the most common spiders in this country. In my research for the one I took a picture of, I came across some of the ones I already know but some of them…. When I search for their name there’s pictures. I simply couldn’t look at the pictures. I couldn’t get past that to get the names. The real ones are more than enough. They are big and scary. One of the biggest and most common spider in the country. That’s the worst one. I’ve seen some about 3,5 cm in diameter and they can get bigger than that. Much bigger! And there’s so many of them here. Arachnophobia big time! Brilliant to look for info then, right?! Sheesh!! There are other spiders, small and insignificant but as important as the others, but it’s not about them.

To me it’s important to get info about the subject I’m writing about if it’s something like this. I feel good about having done at least a bit of research. It becomes more real that way. So.. when I was doing some garden work I saw a spider I’ve never seen before. Such a weird creature and it was clear that it was preparing to look like a twig when I got closer. As if that would help in the middle of a hollyhock leaf. It didn’t take much research before I got it: Common Stretchspider Tetragnatha extensa. Aparantly they’re everywhere north of the equator and it’s probably been in my garden all along, I’ve just never seen it. I think it’s a female based on the pattern:

It was interesting. Look at those long legs! It’s so weird! As long as it was staying still it was kind of ok. But then it moved and I panicked – and not in a civilized and quiet way! The Stretch was probably more scared than I was but I don’t care. I can’t handle it.

Have a great day..😊

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