Cinnamon Rolls..

Recipe I admit it.. I have a weakness for these. I like them a bit smaller than standard so I divide the dough (and remonce/filling) in two. They’re delicious and irresistable fresh out of the oven. Still lukewarm without icing.. oh boy. Or cold with icing.. yummy. Either way; a batch doesn’t last long. Let’s […]

Status of the week..

I want to try something different. I’ve tried blogging in different styles and it doesn’t seem to work for me and I get stressed out. I don’t want to make a post just for doing it and it would of course be easier if I could keep to one topic. I think it’s admirable that […]

Summer cleaning..

Moxxi’s toy box Sometimes I have to organize Moxxi’s toy chest. She doesn’t like when I do that but we need to get rid of the things that doesn’t belong in there like dead spiders, dust bunnies and weird branches she’s hauled inside. This time she invites you to have a look and share her […]


Choices are nice. Everyone likes to be able to choose what they want. With two things to choose from it’s hard not to choose between them even when it’s nothing relevant. Like reading this post or not. See what happened? Maybe you read on and maybe you tune out but you’ve chosen. If you chose […]

Home made paw pad care..

No chemicals – easy to make The paw pads of a dog and outdoor cats has to deal with a lot. Heat, cold and every kind of surface. They’ll get cracked – that hurts – if not cared for. I feel it’s a good investment to care for the paw pads. Not only does it […]

Easy layered dinner..

A test with another piece of salmon. Last time I tried frying it in a pan. That turned out really yummy and the reason I’m willing to eat at least one kind of fat fish. I’ve heard of steamed salmon but never tasted it. Today I tried to make that. Salt, pepper and a couple […]

Field trip..

Short story “Today you’re going on a field trip” the teacher said. “You will go with your fellow students to retrieve your assigned specimen. Then you will observe, probe, take notes and discover things you have not seen before. You will make a report about your experiences on your PMD (Personal Management Device) for evaluation […]

Happy birthday, Moxxi..💌

Four years. Time goes by so quickly. Seems like yesterday she was just a lil’ pup with a small tail and a huge ego. Now she’s grown up girl with a big tail and a huge ego.She doesn’t understand birthdays, obviously. But she understands gifts and and the exitement of new things. Her toy box […]

Wool into yarn..

It seems weird but it isn’t. Many people do this. It’s a hobby just like everything else and those who spin their dog’s wool into yarn usually have a goal. A hat. A pair of mittens. Or some really warm socks. There’s different ways to spin and I won’t go into all of them here, […]

Airborne chicks..

They’re gone.. Yesterday when I came to check up on the chicks, I found an empty nest. There was one egg left but that’s it. I haven’t seen more than three chicks at the same time. Either they’ve been using the fourth chick as a pillow or it fell out and was taken by a […]