Tomatoes to be..

This is exciting! Small green tomatoes that become small red tomatoes. All we need is warmth, water and sun. I give the water – the rest is coming I’m sure. I suck at plants. It’s true! I’ve managed to kill cacti – then you know it’s bad. I usually forget to water them or I place them in a wrong spot because I don’t know any better. I didn’t expect these to survive. I just bought them because I love the smell of fresh tomato plant. Just a little touch on the leaves or the stem and the fingers has the most amazing smell. Of course I tried to keep them alive. So far it’s going well all though I made some adjustments. It says on the card “Self pollinating” (not buying that!) and that you have to gently shake the plant. Doesn’t say why but ok. I remember my dad pollinating by hand and I think it was tomatoes and cucumber. A soft brush and he went from flower to flower teaching me about male and female flowers. That’s why I don’t buy the self pollinating..

Since the tomatoes were inside at the time they began to bloom an the weather was too wet and cold I thought: I can do that too. And I did. Went from flower to flower with a soft brush. But writing this post I needed to research something and found out something else. They really are self polinating! Found out the flowers have both male and female parts. Uuh that’s new! I’ll update my knowledge and I stand corrected. So that’s why they just need to be shaken. To pollinate. That’s clever! It just doesn’t say on the card. I thought that it was a joke so I figured: I’ll put them outside when the sun’s out and let the real experts handle it. They know what they’re doing – I don’t. I did that too. Maybe that’s why there’s so many tomatoes – they got over pollinated. Is that a thing? Probably not. That’s what ignorance can lead to…

I held up the card so they could get inspired and have a goal in life. To get just a little bigger and then get red. I’m looking forward to se if they do. They’re kind of cute when they’re so small. And in spite of my ignorance I haven’t killed them..

Have a great day.. šŸ˜Š

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2 thoughts on “Tomatoes to be..

    1. It’s pure luck. Never had the plants before, so.. But I agree, a sun warm tomato straight off the plant tastes so much better than store bought. Haven’t tried it since I was a kid, soo looking forward to it. I hope yours will be great šŸ˜„

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