Pleasant surprise..

What is it about fish? It seems a bit like ouzo. Either you like it or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground here. So.. yeah.. part of my dislike of fish in general is about having to eat the damn things once a week all through childhood. Didn’t like them then, don’t like them now! I do like cod and turbot if they’re fresh. Because they’re not fat and nasty to bite into, but every fat fish I’ve tasted has been an awful experience. Maybe the taste is fine but I just can’t get past the consistancy. I’ll just take my vitamins instead – they’re a lot easier to deal with 😉

Anyway! It’s a big deal if I buy fish. And I did. I actually bought fish because I wanted to. I wanted to splurge so I bought three salmon filets. Is it healthy? As far as I can se: yes and no. Because why keep it simple.. Yes, because vitamins, omega stuff and protein. No, because there’s a risk of eating mercury and other less charming things I for one don’t want in my caboose. It’s heavy enough as it is. However, I do think that it’s mostly safe and I’m willing to risk it for a taste. It said on the label that it was caught wild around the faroe Island and that is probably true.

I found out that there’s just about a million recipes containing salmon. Hmm I’ll go for something simple and have a plan B – in case I don’t like it. Off with the scales and prepare it for the frying pan. A little bit of salt and pepper and we’re good to go. A couple of minutes on each side and we should be ready to eat. The naan bread and salat is done too so let’s put the fish on the plate with the skin down and dig in.

Hmm. That was unexpected. It’s delicious. It’s actually really good! It didn’t taste like fish at all – that’s the best part. Flakes of meat cooked just right (luck), easy to remove from the skin, crunchy but easy to chew, only found one tiny bone and the taste that was more like chicken than fish. A fat fish that’s not nasty to bite into and taste of chicken – I could get used to this. What a pleasant surprise 😁

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