Lil’ chicks are doing fine..

Today was a maybe-thunder-day. It’s clouded and the temperature isn’t that high. Those clouds are very dark and full of Moxxi’s cryptonite so I thought it would be nice for her to take her round before it hit, run off some energy and make her trips to the bathroom. That took us about an hour and the clouds are coming closer but so far it’s dry. I let Moxxi inside and she had her treat. A small dog bisquit (treat) for #1 and a beefstick (super treat) for #2. The beefstick is cut to pieces and put inside her ball for her to play with. That’s the routine and she’s expecting it to happen.

Outside again, this time alone but “armed” with the camera. What if there was something to shoot. I hear the pheasant going ape with his squaakflapflapflaps and I hear an abundance of birds most of wich I don’t know the name of. But it’s one bird in particular I’m after right now. The one in the hedge. How is it going? Are the five chicks still alive? Has she abandoned them? How are they doing? I really shouldn’t but.. I have to know. Closing in very carefully. Don’t want to startle her if she’s home. So close now. Mama bird isn’t home. Let’s take a sneak peek, shall we?

Aww there you are. Looking good! Are there still five of you? I can only see three? I don’t know. But I can see some small feathers, that’s so cool, you’re starting to look like real birds! Uh one of them raised the head, tiny beak wide open: food? No, so sorry. I’ll leave you alone now. I can hear what I think is mama bird, she’s close and I’m sure she’s got food. Before I go I’ll give you a roof. Mama bird will shelter you from the rain but who’s sheltering her? I shouldn’t – I know… Removing my self backwards and quietly. It won’t be long now..

Have a great day.. 😊

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