Squaak! Flap flap flap..

I hear this sound all the time. Sometimes it’s a different sound but this one, the flight call of a pheasant is what I hear every day all through summer. Then it’s just a question of finding him, he’s nearby. Aah, I see him. Big, beautiful and proud. He’s good looking and he walks as if he knows. Behind him are his wives. He’s busy. Three or four of them. They raise the chicks alone. Some dad, huh.. He teases Moxxi. Walks in the garden and she’ll come after him. Squaak! flapflapflap and he’s off. He doesn’t use his wings unless he has to, but he can run really fast. So far he’s avoided being eaten so he’s fast enough. Here’s a few pics of him (there’s more than one). He’s beautiful and he knows..

Have a nice day 😊

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