Pouring journey so far..


Pfuiih it’s been.. four months?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I started combining paint and canvases a little over four months ago. Back then I was intimidated. Very intimidated! I’ve always been told that if you can’t draw, you can’t paint. And I can’t draw. I’ve tried to learn but I loose interest too quickly to get anything useful out of a class so I’ve chosen not to. Besides a bit of talent doesn’t harm and I’m wonderfully talent free. I got canvases for Christmas so it took two months to find some courage to put paint on the first canvas. Once it’s done there’s no going back. You can’t take it away, so I was scared. Silly but true. So besides making some “explosions in a paint factory” (inside joke, see this post for clarification if you like), what has happened in those four months?

Well.. I’m not afraid of a canvas anymore! I’m still working with 20×20 cm because it’s such a nice size. I can make something without it being something that takes too long. I usually have about an hour from I pick the paint I want and to the post clean-up begins. So this size is fine. It something without being overwhelming. I’ve tried different pouring techniques and I’m getting better or maybe just delusional, but what the heck, it’s fun so who cares. I still have to figure out how much paint and medium I need but it depends on what you’re doing, it’s a bit of a jungle. I must have watched a million videoes on youtube by now and thought “Uh! I gotta try that!” to most of them. That’s not going to happen, but there’s so much to try and maybe adopt.

I don’t like cells that much but it depends. I wondered if it was some kind of trypophobia, but it isn’t – I can look at holes of various sizes and any amount all day and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I don’t know what it is about cells, they’re just uncanny somehow if they’re too big. And yet.. there’s one kind of cells I want to try at some point. I just need to find the video again, because “what was I supposed to do again?” I forgot. 😐
I like when colours merge without getting murky or weird. I like when the paint makes stripes and other fun stuff. I pick the colours I like that day and use the technique I want that day. I never know how I am feeling when I get up so it can be anything. That’s what works best for me.

I’m getting better at getting the corners and edges to look better. Having no frames it’s worth doing. I’ve learned not to rush so much – I tend to do that because I’m still getting used to the fact that acrylic dries a lot faster than oil and I’m afraid the paint will dry before I’m happy with it. I’ve started taking pictures along the way so I can take notes when I’m done. I want to know what I did so that if it turns out wall-worthy I’ll know what to do next time. Mostly I forget during clean-up. Maybe the pictures can help.

I don’t take myself that seriously, but I bet some of you know that by now. It means that in a creative process I don’t want to be serious (I get enough of that the rest of the time). In my paint bubble there are no classes, it’s learning by doing, there’s no schedule, there’s no exam, no expectations, no demands. There’s just the now. Right now as the paint is flowing on the canvas. The feeling of joy when it reacts the way you want, creating what you hoped to create. The colours merging creating fun or beauty or both. Just being in the moment of pure joy. That’s what it is to be in my paint bubble. It’s the process I’m after, not the end result. If it doesn’t work, what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll just scrape it and start over – no big deal. I don’t need to reach “the next level”. I just need to do this. This is fun. This is soothing. This is joy..

I’m probably setting myself up for ridicule but that’s ok. I do this for my own amusement and I’m having so much fun so why shouldn’t you? I share my paintings with you because I want you to see them. I want you to form an opinion about them but most of all I want to share the fun – plain and simple. If all else fails you can see here what not to do and that’ll be good for something too 😉. My “explosions in a paint factory” may not be worthy of a fancy gallery but some of them are wall-worthy and that’s good enough, so the journey continues. I felt “on fire” when I made this:

Have a great day..😊

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