Hot dog..

Most of my efforts for the last three days have been about cooling Moxxi down. AC is not standard in this country but we have other ways. The temperature has been 25-32oC and for once we’re experiencing a regular heatwave. I think the only ones happy about the warm weather are the catties and me. Oh yes, the Tiny Tim tomatoes that I haven’t managed to kill yet. My favorite weather people says it’s going to rain Sunday, the humidity rising seems to support that. I know one who’ll be happy with the lower temperature some rain will bring.

Moxxi doesn’t like to use a blanket unless it’s cold outside so a cooling blanket is useless. She prefers to lie on her side on the floor or when we’re outside lying on her back in shadow. We’ll stay there as long as needed and though she hates water and getting wet, she enjoys when I drizzle her gently with her water and stroke her so it’ll stick to the fur. Hold the water in the palm of my hand and dipping her paw pads in it is really nice to and she’ll get cooled down like that. Inside she has her own table fan and it’s turned on as soon as the sun is up and until she tells me that it’s ok to stop it in the evening. I placed the fan on the floor and she’ll lie like this until she’s comfortable again. Then she moves further away. I gave her a fan the first summer and it didn’t take her long to figure out what it was and how to use it.

Have a great day..

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