Wise words..

On the daily walk combined with a bit of grocery shopping I met a nice person. I needed that since grocery shopping has become weird. There’s no facemask required in the store anymore. There’s still hand sanitizer and tape on the floor indicating where to stand though. I still prefer to wear a mask when I have to be closer to people than I feel comfortable with. During the last year most people have been really good at sanitizing their hands. I became a (good!) habit for most people and the mask.. well, some hate it and others like it.

I wore my mask as usual – why break a good habit and it doesn’t bother me that much – and was sanitizing my hands and the handle on the basket. It takes a little time and it’s impossible not to look at other people while doing it, it’s not like there’s much else to do. It’s only been a couple of days since the mask thing was lifted. Six customers and only one of them used the hand sanitizer. It’s like the mask and sanitizer belong together and without being forced to wear the mask people “forget” the other part. I’m not sure it’s wise to lift that restriction just yet, but what do I know. I just know that there hasn’t been nearly as many of people with influenza this time than there usually is. I wonder why that is. Could it be that people have been forced to wear a mask, sanitize their hands and don’t spread what ever virus or infection they had? Sharing isn’t always caring. What other people do is up to them. I’ll just keep my mask on and stay away from people. I need proof that this is really over before I do otherwise.

Back to the nice person. She was walking her dog and of course I look at the dog to see if it want’s to say hi and if it does and if we’re allowed we’ll say hi. This one really wanted to say hi and of course I’m game. Sniffing and sniffing my pants wich smelled very interesting. The owner caght up and we talked. Never seen her before but she seemed very nice. So a little small talk later while stroking the dog and get saliver sample to go, she said this: “You know, rich people have funny animals sewn on to their clothes but happy people have their pets fur on theirs.” What a delightful way of thinking. I can find clean clothes for the day, no problem. But it doesn’t take more than the morning ritual of greeting each pet to get the clothes if not covered in fur then at least make it visible that the pets are here. Moxxi isn’t done blowing coat yet. In the evening I think I’m the happiest person on the planet! 😁

Have a great day..

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One thought on “Wise words..

  1. What a great saying. That would have made me smile for sure. It’s healthy to see smiles. I wouldn’t worry about the sanitizer. All this disinfectant and sanitizer will lead everyone to cancer in some years. And some people are also highly allergic to it.

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