Drama in the hedge.. updated

I feel kind of bad about this but I didn’t know. The hedge needed trimming and the weather was perfect for it. Pleasantly warm and a bit windy so working was pleasant enough. So I started in one end but notised that Moxxi was very interested in the other end so I had to see what she was up to. I quickly found out what it was and tethered her somewhere else. After poking around a little bit I found this:

I don’t know what kind of bird it is, but the eggs are so tiny it has to be the size of sparrow or a tit of some kind. I never saw the bird. The nest is only eight cm in diameter, about five cm tall and right now there’s five tiny (about 12 mm long) eggs in there.

The movements of the hedge when I work with it is enough to scare her away and abandon those eggs so I stopped trimming when I found out. It looks like crap but so be it. I want her to have a fair chance to get her offspring safely in the air. I’ll keep Mox away from that part of the hedge too, she likes eggs and she doesn’t care where they come from or who they belong to, so.. I’ll leave the hegde completely alone until mama bird is done.

I’ll keep an eye on the nest. It could be great to get to se her or her youngs. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all them❤

Update: something hatched. I still haven’t figured out what kind of bird but I wrote to some experts and maybe they answer at some point. It seems like the chicks are doing fine although I can’t really see what’s up or down right now. But if it’s a tit or something similar it’ll only take a couple of weeks before the chicks are ready to go, so let’s wait a weeks time and see what happens. Moxxi tried to trick me into not watching but I caught her getting close and sniffing up the hedge near the nest 😈. Nope doggo! They’re mine! Sigh, ok then. I think I’ll give her a chicken egg inside instead..

Have a great day..

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