New stove

After waiting almost two weeks with confusing phone calls, mails and their car that broke down so we had to reschedule, it finally came. It’s actually a big deal. In a previous post I mentioned that the stove had gone to the eternal cooking fields and so I had to find a new one. I’ve been without a proper oven for a long time and settled for a toaster oven until I could get another stove. The new one is nice! And hot dang! There’s so much room to play with! I can bake more than six cookies at a time! I can heat up more than one naan bread now. Weeh! I decided to let the oven’s first task be baking me a proper cake. In the baking tin that barely fit in the toaster oven but has oceans of room in the “real” one. So easy it was all of a sudden. No moving the apliances around. No planning required. I could get used to this again really fast. It’s taller than the table but they said it was standard so either kitchens are made for taller people now or my house has sunken. I don’t know. I just know it’s really nice to have something that works again ❤


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