Blowdryer painting..

This was a test. I wanted to see what it looked like, so I poured and manipulated. Then bent over and started to blow on the wet paint to get it moving. Nothing happened. Blew again. Nothing. What the..? Focus this time! No movement at all. Pfuuiihhh!! At this point I believe I started to look like a smurf. I simply couldn’t get the paint moving. And then it dawned. Turns out I can’t blow air that way anymore! I completely forgot about copd but when I remembered I couldn’t help laughing. When you’re that gone in a creative process you know it’s a good one! So.. the paint is wet and I want this! Blowdryer came to the rescue. It made some broad and interesting wind things, but it’s a bit too broad so I have to figure out something else, but it was fun and that’s all that matters. It looks like it’s folding in on itself in the corner. Not intentional but it looks kind of neat. What is it? No idea.

Have a great day..

Copyright © 2021

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