You know when you set your heart on something, you make plans, you buy what’s needed, you prepare everything and then the whole thing is cancelled because of external circumstances that are beyond your control. It’s.. mildly infuriating. The thing is; some time ago the oven stopped working. I thought; ok it’s old and it’ll cost more to repair it than buying a new one, the top part still works, so I’ll settle for at toaster oven and then put moneys aside for a new stove. So I did and the toaster oven is actually better than I thought. Not going to put it away, it has it’s use and in a pinch it can cook an entire chicken! I learned to spatchcock it first – the chicken, not the oven – it’ll fit better (and cook more evenly) that way.

A couple of weeks ago the top part gave up so now I didn’t have a “real” oven or the burners. Yay! Fortunately I had a hot plate. I bought it a long time ago because it’s nice to cook outside and for a simple dish it’s fine. So that and the toaster oven has been doing the cooking part for a few weeks. I won’t recommend it as a permanent solution but it can be done. It’s quite time consuming and requires some planning but it ensures at least one hot meal a day.

Finally I was able to buy a new stove. Found one I liked, bought it and made sure that it could be installed by a professional (you’re not allowed to do that yourself) and take the old one for discarding in a safe maner. Anyway.. I was notified when they could come, and I spend some time making sure they could go from the car to the spot in the kitchen without obstacles and prepared for unpacking this wonderful thing when it arrived. I was so looking forward to it. I’d been informed they would call when they were on their way and this morning they did. They informed me that they couldn’t bring and install my stove today. Their car had broke down. These things happens but dang it! So I had to schedule a new appointment for installation and go back to the waiting game. I don’t know when I’ll get my stove..

Something has to pay for this.. I’ll go mow the lawn. When I’m done doing that I’ll be done fuming too ūüėČ

Have a great day..

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