62 meters..

The online converter translates this to 203.5 ft. It also translates into 67.2 yd. Hopefully it’s correct – I don’t want to walk any further if it’s not meassured correctly. When does ft turn into yards? No idea. All I know is the mental square I’ve made in part of the lawn. Four sides and no cutting corners makes 62m. That means if I want to – and I don’t, but I have to – walk 1 km (or 0.62 mi) it only takes 16 rounds ..ish. That’s a lot easier to handle than 1000m or a kilometer, right? Or 203.5 ft. I can handle 16 rounds. Or double that. Or triple if I want to disable my self for tomorrow. I don’t, I need to walk tomorrow too. As long as I have a piece of paper and a pencil marking every single round I’m good. When I’m halfway I stop counting up and start counting down instead. It feels a lot better. Like.. only 6 laps to go. No. 6 rounds. Feels shorter. Rounds I can handle.

You probably figured out by now that I hate workout and exercise. That hate – there’s no other word for it – was founded in school. It’s very important to learn at a young age that exercise is good for you. Because it is! But what’s not good for children is being paced by a person who thinks it’s about screaming your head of and doesn’t seem to comprehend that this is elementary school, not the freaking army! No fun, no rewards and no positive reinforcement anywhere. Just ” not good enough! Do better!” over and over again. The only thing we learned in those years was to hate everything related to physical movement and that “teacher”. Exercise has been ruined for good for many of us during those years. I’m glad it’s not like that anymore.

There’s the reason for my behaviour. Instead of dwelling in the past – I can’t change it anyway – I’m re-educating myself (although adult students can be a nightmare to teach ūüėČ), and that’s why I say to my self: “1 round more – you did good!” Moxxi helps me a lot. In the beginning she sat in the middle of the lawn and just looked puzzeled like she thought “hooman crazy”. But then she figured out that I was just walking and she decided to walk with me. She practises “walking nicely” by my left leg just like when we go for a walk in the wild (meaning the road) and she’ll do that as long as she thinks I have treats in my left pocket. If I don’t she’ll follow me for a couple of rounds and then stop. Typical husky. It has to be worth the effort. If there’s no reward then forget it. We agree on this so of course I have treats and of course I’m allowed to stop if the busted knee refuses to walk. This works.

“Why don’t you walk on the road?” some have asked. That’s a good question, it’s right there. But.. that would mean a change of shoes and clothes to look just a bit civilized, remember a bottle of water, check that the hair is presentable, figure out how far to walk before turning around, figure out how far in total I can walk today and endure the boredom of having nothing but fields to look at, trip in potholes and worst of all: some people think the speed limits aren’t for them making walking a hazard I can live without. The lawn-way I have Moxxi to look at and interact with, it’s wonderfully stress free, I can go outside as I am and keep wearing my beloved crocs. They’re soo comfortable and a must for the back and best of all: I can stop at any time if I need to without being stuck in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t matter where I walk. It matters that I walk.

I found a good video that I use for exercise. It’s my kind of “torture”. Intervals to give those copd lungs time to catch up. I don’t know if I’ll loose a pound or two, that’s fine but not the primary goal. It’s important for me to get some exercise for at least 30 min. every day. That’s the primary goal. That and to eat as healthy as I can. Every day. There’s a ton of videos to use, it’s about finding some that works and contains that “magic” or whatever it is that makes the video appealing. 16 rounds are waiting for me and then the video. Moxxi will walk with me and then she’ll sit on a chair keeping an eye on me while I exercise listenening to some music with an awesome beat. She’s a persistant but loving coach and she’s always up for a hug. We’re both doin’ really good!

Have a great day

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Video with copd friendly exercises. It’s a nice all-rounder.

I use this one to get that pulse kicking in just 10 min. I add some upper body movements along the way because why not.

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