Nature panicked..

It’s been cold, windy and nearly constantly raining all through last month. At one point I gave up planning to put the winter coat away. I can usually put it away around primo May, then it’s warm enough for a thinner coat. Not this time. I can usually gradually stop firing up the ovens to get heat around primo May, then it’s only nescessary to get heat in the evening. Not this time. Last week of May it happened; it was like nature had an anxiety attack! You know, like the rabbit with the watch in “Alice in Wonderland”, so completely stressed out. Still.. this is the best time of the whole year. This and warm summer.

Usually nature grows bit by bit and there’s time to enjoy every little green thing and enjoy it. This time it was like nature just woke up and discovered that spring was almost over and nothing had begun growing. The alarm must have sounded underground because during the last few weeks everything bam! exploded out of the ground, pow! growing at an alarming rate, poof! flowers everywhere, the air is heavy with the fragrance of lilacs and woosh! grass growing so fast I had to cut it three times already (while enjoying the sun immensely!) and help out a friend who drowned in grass too tall to handle all of a sudden, we had two lawnmowers working overtime that day on a relatively small lawn. What was all that about?! Sheesh! The forsythia is actually done blooming for this year! The japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is at the roof by now and need some heavy trimming.

Moxxi isn’t done blowing coat so it’s still spring, the calender says summer, my strawberry plant has some red leaves and I’m winter-freezing right now (it’s raining). I’m confused.. Fortunately these ones came on time as usual. Thank you. I needed that 😳

Have a great day..

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2 thoughts on “Nature panicked..

  1. I wish we could get some rain now. We are having a heat wave -up to 36℃ today. It was already too hot yesterday at 32. I’m sure it’s going to get cold again after the heat. That has been the pattern this year.

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