Recipe Summer means cucumbers. A lot of them! What better way to use some of them than to make tzatziki. Garlic and cucumber goes really well together. Delicious with meat or fish, with a burger, as dip, with enchiladas or burritos, or as is on a piece of toast. There’s a lot of options. This […]

Chocolate cake..

Recipe This cake is so easy to make it’s great for beginners, kids or someone like me who doesn’t feel like spending hours baking. It’s all about add the stuff, mix well, bake, decorate, done. My kind of cake. Also.. you can cut it up, wrap the pieces really good and let them live in […]


New stove After waiting almost two weeks with confusing phone calls, mails and their car that broke down so we had to reschedule, it finally came. It’s actually a big deal. In a previous post I mentioned that the stove had gone to the eternal cooking fields and so I had to find a new […]


I like the ocean. It’s interesting to see and learn about the wildlife and when ever I can I’ll watch a documentary about it. It doesn’t really matter about the topic as long as i find it interesting. Of course some topics are more interesting than others, I find a hammerhead shark infinitely more interesting […]


You know when you set your heart on something, you make plans, you buy what’s needed, you prepare everything and then the whole thing is cancelled because of external circumstances that are beyond your control. It’s.. mildly infuriating. The thing is; some time ago the oven stopped working. I thought; ok it’s old and it’ll […]

Blowdryer painting..

This was a test. I wanted to see what it looked like, so I poured and manipulated. Then bent over and started to blow on the wet paint to get it moving. Nothing happened. Blew again. Nothing. What the..? Focus this time! No movement at all. Pfuuiihhh!! At this point I believe I started to […]

62 meters..

The online converter translates this to 203.5 ft. It also translates into 67.2 yd. Hopefully it’s correct – I don’t want to walk any further if it’s not meassured correctly. When does ft turn into yards? No idea. All I know is the mental square I’ve made in part of the lawn. Four sides and […]

Nature panicked..

It’s been cold, windy and nearly constantly raining all through last month. At one point I gave up planning to put the winter coat away. I can usually put it away around primo May, then it’s warm enough for a thinner coat. Not this time. I can usually gradually stop firing up the ovens to […]

New gravatar..

In the beginning I picked the stray cat that visits me from time to time because I just needed something in that spot. But I wanted to change it, it’s a bit difficult to se what’s going on in the picture, so I made a painting and wanted to use that instead in the hope […]