Forgotten Mouse..

Finished Amigurumi This post should probably have been called “a forgotten project” because I litteraly forgot about it. I needed a break from crochet hooks, patterns and assembly so I stopped this project before it was finished. I hate the assembly. It’s so annoying, no fun at all and just .. meh! So.. This poor […]

A simple loaf of bread..

Recipe Hmm.. I feel like a slice or two of bread. I have bread. Then a bit of lettuce. Some cheese. And a bit of tomato on the side. Off to the kitchen only to discover a small spot of mold on the bread. So I don’t have any bread. Sigh. Roaming around a bit. […]

Metal colours.. and leftovers..

I had some gold, brass and silver that I didn’t really know what to do with so I figured: why not combine them and see what happens. First one is a dirty pour, panning and some lines made with a palette knife. What ran off the canvas ran/dripped down on the other one I’d prepared […]

Tomatoes to be..

This is exciting! Small green tomatoes that become small red tomatoes. All we need is warmth, water and sun. I give the water – the rest is coming I’m sure. I suck at plants. It’s true! I’ve managed to kill cacti – then you know it’s bad. I usually forget to water them or I […]

Lil’ chicks are doing fine..

Today was a maybe-thunder-day. It’s clouded and the temperature isn’t that high. Those clouds are very dark and full of Moxxi’s cryptonite so I thought it would be nice for her to take her round before it hit, run off some energy and make her trips to the bathroom. That took us about an hour […]

Pleasant surprise..

What is it about fish? It seems a bit like ouzo. Either you like it or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground here. So.. yeah.. part of my dislike of fish in general is about having to eat the damn things once a week all through childhood. Didn’t like them then, […]

Squaak! Flap flap flap..

I hear this sound all the time. Sometimes it’s a different sound but this one, the flight call of a pheasant is what I hear every day all through summer. Then it’s just a question of finding him, he’s nearby. Aah, I see him. Big, beautiful and proud. He’s good looking and he walks as […]

Pouring journey so far..

Evaluation Pfuiih it’s been.. four months?! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I started combining paint and canvases a little over four months ago. Back then I was intimidated. Very intimidated! I’ve always been told that if you can’t draw, you can’t paint. And I can’t draw. I’ve tried to learn but I […]

Hot dog..

Most of my efforts for the last three days have been about cooling Moxxi down. AC is not standard in this country but we have other ways. The temperature has been 25-32oC and for once we’re experiencing a regular heatwave. I think the only ones happy about the warm weather are the catties and me. […]

Feeling pink..

I wanted to try swiping because I’ve never done that before so why not. It looked like fun. Picked a piece of aluminium foil and turned it into the tool I needed. It was fun. It just didn’t give the result I wanted. Hmm.. lesson learned and now I know what not to do. I […]