Yay! New food..

Imagine to be exited about getting the same kind of food, just a different taste. Moxxi always does. Well, anything that comes inside is sniffed because “what if?”. Even the stuff for the catties and me must be inspected. Groceries too, Mox’s very fond of fruit and veggies so it’s interesting to see if I got some with me. And if there’s raw bones she knows she’s hit the jackpot. I know.. I taught her this. Not on purpose but when you have a specific behaviour in specific situations the doggo will pick up on it.

All the paws here eat Taste of the Wild kibble because it’s one of the really good brands in my opinion. I read and compare the lists of ingredients and nutritious values of different brands and pick what I feel is the best choice – it’s kind of nerdy but I want to make sure that the paws get what they need at all times based on their age and individual needs. The catties are ten and twelve years old, still going strong and healthy as always, and Mox’ll be four next month (and hasn’t eaten the couch yet! 😜). I must be doing something right. I know how it sounds. It’s just very important to me that the paws are doing well.

So.. the food is important. The catties don’t like much else than their kibble, except shrimps, a bit of liver pate, a little bit of raw chicken or turkey, a bit of canned cod roe and different kinds of bagged soft food. The grass will come to them. They’re indoor catties – it’s the safest option for these two. It means cat net on the windows but they like being able to enjoy outdoors while being safe indoors. The occational moth or butterfly can get in but they don’t get out alive. A catnip plant is a really exciting thing to sniff, it takes a looooong time to do that. Then baking in a ray of sun – doesn’t get any better than that.

Mox doesn’t eat everything in sight just because it’s there, but she’s far from picky. Any fruit or veggie that she finds tasty is on her menu. My task is finding the things that are safe for her to eat. Raw meat is really good for her, served fresh and delishious preferably with some bone attached. That’s a total jackpot. Her system doesn’t have any problems with it so I’m not worried. From the beginning I’ve let her taste different things so she doesn’t have to settle for just the taste of her kibble but have something exciting too. This is what it looked like back when she was a lil’ pup and the bucket was filled but there was still smells in the bag:

When a new bag of kibble gets here.. Oh boy… same brand as usual, just a different taste to mix things up a bit. But yummy!! The excitement is the same as back then. She can’t wait to taste and she’ll try and grab some when I pour them into the bucket. I usually let her do that, she seems like having fun with it. The lid can wait that long. She’ll be reluctant to go outside because she knows the catties will enter her turf in the meantime and she’s not inclined to share with them. They won’t steal though. Kibble’s too big for them. Mox doesn’t know that so she’ll try to prevent them from coming near her food. Sometimes the result is like this. She looks like she’s thinking: “oh no! what now?!”

Fortunately she’s very good at cleaning up the mess she made 😉

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