To the warp with it.. part 2

So.. it took me a long while to get here. Those pesky chores keeps popping up like bad adds. Anyway.. I tried to make my version of the warp and if you know about the Warhammer 40k universe the warp is an important part of it. It only exist in the books and when you know of this universe you also know it’s the worst place ever. I don’t know enough to give an thorough explanation but here’s the gist of it. It’s a place of chaos and it’s where the soul goes when a human dies. It’s made of thoughts, dreams and emotions and is like a mirror of our reality. Just.. twisted and much worse.

The edges are the reality. They don’t move but the currents inside do and a soul that enters the warp in one place will be carried a long way by those unpredictable currents, some say forever. Some souls wil be consumed by demons, others will be turned into something else. It’s a place of despair, nightmares, anxiety, war, torture and misery. In short: everything bad and scary you can think of. It’s an incredibly hostile place, there are destructive storms that can last for years and rifts that connects the warp with our world and all the bad stuff, including demons, will come into our world. Not a place you would visit voluntarily. Good thing it only exists in the books. I hope..

I had to to do something. The last book in the Spacewolf series describes a field that looks like corn and in the leaves of the corn are human faces silently crying for help. They are “a harvest of damnation” and the faces are contorted with pain and fear, begging for release. That field has been bothering me for a long while although I’ve read the story several times (because it’s a damn good story!). The corn field and one other thing are the only things bothering me in all six books. But I kept seeing the field and it became annoying so I attacked the problem like I usually do: head on. Found the paint and a canvas. I’ve never tried to paint my way out before but maybe I could. Worth a try.

This is my version of the warp. Not as volatile as I can imagine it but I got some of it. I think it worked. It’s titled “The Warp”.

Copyright © 2021

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