Fragrance – A tribute..

Sometimes I get asked questions that surprises me. I could, if I didn’t want to elaborate or it was one of those questions that doesn’t really mean anything, get away with saying “x is my favourite fragrance, what’s yours?” But sometimes I like to dig deeper because “why?” is just as important as “what?” because “why?” can tell a whole lot about “what?”. This is a trip down memory lane. Because I feel like making a tribute to one of the kindest men I’ve ever known.

I enjoy the fragrance of freshly cut grass. It’s a happy fragrance, a pleasant one and I find myself standing in the middle of the lawn taking deep breaths through the nose to get as much fragrance as I possible can while it’s there. But why is it this way? Why don’t I enjoy the flowers the same way? Except for one single flower they’re .. indifferent (unless there’s something to be eaten as a result of the flowers). They’re pretty, yes and I enjoy looking at them, but the fragrance doesn’t do anything for me. Besides.. they attract butterflies.. eeepp!!

The grass is about good times. If I go for a mental trip down memory lane I’ll find my grandpa in his garden. It’s a huge garden with flowers of every kind, bushes and trees everywhere and of course an enormous lawn. This is in front of the house. In the back there’s a big area for growing produce and so many things grow here. There he is, the two-legged encyclopedia who’s always ready to share his knowledge about plants, animals and insects and how it all works together, who never lose his patience in spite of countless questions and who always have time. Who taught about the joy of getting money for a job well done even if it was “just” digging up dandelions with a modified screwdriver or collecting slugs so they wouldn’t eat the produce. He payed up with a smile. He would teach about what snake to watch out for and how to recognize it and he would teach about how important the hedgehog is because it keeps the snakes away. He would teach about how to protect and care for the hedgehog and help it if it wakes up too soon.

In the greenhouse it was humid and warm and there were cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and even a banana palm one summer. It never got that big, it died when the winter came but it was exciting to see and touch a tropical plant and learn where bananas came from. There was a low bowl of water on the ground. A big toad lived in there among the plants. In the soil I would take the biggest earthworms I could find and place them in front of the toad and watch as it ate them. We called the toad’s dinner earth-spaghetti and laugh at the silly word. Grandpa would put some food dye in a bottle and put a flower in it to see if the flower would get some of the colour from the dye. Some would, others wouldn’t. He would show where the birds had their nests, hold the ladder so I could see the eggs and learn what bird they belonged to. Watch the birds from a distance as they came home and continued to care for their offspring.

He never sat still in the garden, he was always working with something. When he came inside in the evening his boots and pants would tell a story of rich soil, summer, fresh tomatoes you could eat directly from the plant, sunflowers so tall that it looked like they would grow into the clouds, and through all this the fragrance of freshly cut grass. Today – even if it was a bit nippy in the shadow – I cut the grass for the first time this season. I stood in the middle of the lawn and taking deep breaths through the nose to get as much fragrance as I possible could while it’s there. Grandpa passed away many years ago but the fragrance is still here. Except for one flower it’s the best fragrance..

Have a great day with pleasant fragrances.. ūüėä

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