Rescue mission..

Usually when Moxxi is sniffing and digging around there’s a mouse she can hunt. Not this time. She found something allright but not something she’s allowed to hunt, hurt or kill because it’s an endangered species. She woke this one up from it’s slumber. It’s still a bit too cold so it wasn’t in the mood to be hauled out of bed just yet.

Fortunately Mox didn’t get that good a grip to begin with. When I hauled her away she dropped the hedgehog and it was clear that it wasn’t intentional. I got her inside, got the gloves and went back to the hedgehog to see if it was ok or needed help. I hoped not, it’s best to leave them alone as much as possible. Fortunately it wasn’t hurt so I put it down on the lawn where there was sun, sat down beside it and watched it.

I was of course hoping for it to unfold again. In the summer they do that in under five minutes – they have such sweet faces and I would have loved to see it. It would also mean it might need some food and water wich I could provide if need be. But it didn’t feel like unfolding more than this (maybe it thought I was too close) so after about fifteen minutes I took it back to where Mox had found it, put it down gently and piled the dead leaves around and on top of it. Checked up on it before I went to bed, it was sleeping peacefully. I checked Moxxi too, those quills are so pointy but she doesn’t care that she bites down on a spikey ball. She wasn’t hurt either, just mad at me for stopping her. I’m ok with that.

Get a bit more sleep my friend..

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