Looking like a tepee today (too). I ran out of heat a week ago and since the shop decided that it’s summer now there’s no heat to be found. Just patio furniture and summer stuff that no one wants right now. They – like I – want something to put in the oven but no such luck. We’ll all find alternatives and as long as they’re not infested by nasty and poisonous things it’ll be fine. So.. wrapped in a blanket again today and not getting much done. Feeling like a burrito but probably looking like a tepee. You know.. same shape, hair sticking out the top and looking like a big A.

Fortunately I got my new chair and it’s wonderful!! I never thought I should own a gamer chair but there it is. It was on sale, looked really nice and was closer to my needs than a recliner although they’re very nice too. After a bit of assembly my back could relax while sitting. Odd but very welcome feeling. It’s an eXracer if you’re is interested and it’s very comfortable. I adjusted it to lean back last night and I actually managed to fall asleep in it! Oh man that was yummy. And of course it spoiled the sleeping-at-night that you’re supposed to do so today is weird (er) than usual. Can’t be bothered – I was way to comfy!

I wish I could find my creative spot. It’s been missing for some time now. The only thing I’ve done are two pairs of socks but that doesn’t count. They’re purely practical and therefore without anything creative. The cold weather causes the fingers to tell me that knitting – or anything else for that matter – is not what I should do. But I want my socks and I have to do other things as well. It’s ok – I’m used to it, but it bothers me that it also kills what little creativity I have. Ah well, it’ll get better in a bit. I has to.

Moxxi doesn’t like the weather either. Stormy, cold and rainy. She hates getting wet. As in… really hates it! She’d rather stay inside holding it in than going outside in the rain to go to the bathroom. Testing multiple times while I hold door for her, she’ll sniff and so far so good but then a raindrop or hail (like yesterday) hits her nose and the reaction is imidiate: heck no!! Eventually she has to but she’ll drag it out as long as possible. To prevent problems in the private regions I have to “force” her outside, meaning I’ll go with her. Telling her she can do this, encouraging her all the way and patiently wait for her to figure out that we’re not going inside before she’s done, and the result is two very very wet friends who need towels and a blowdryer when we get inside. But I get it. It takes half a day for her to dry even after towel and blowdryer. I would be reluctant to get wet too.

What she does enjoy is if she can have some of my apple. She’s perfectly capable of eating it just like that but it’s so much nicer when mum has deseeded, peeled and cut it into nice pieces. Then we’ll share and she’ll be as careful as I am and she never touches the fork with her teeth. That’s impressive..

Have a great day and stay safe..

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