Yay! New food..

Imagine to be exited about getting the same kind of food, just a different taste. Moxxi always does. Well, anything that comes inside is sniffed because “what if?”. Even the stuff for the catties and me must be inspected. Groceries too, Mox’s very fond of fruit and veggies so it’s interesting to see if I […]


A short story Fred sat on the ground and looked at her. She looked awful and he was disgusted but not enough to look away. It was eerily captivating to look at her as she was sitting leaned up against the steering wheel. So much blood. She should be dead and at first Fred thought […]

To the warp with it.. part 2

So.. it took me a long while to get here. Those pesky chores keeps popping up like bad adds. Anyway.. I tried to make my version of the warp and if you know about the Warhammer 40k universe the warp is an important part of it. It only exist in the books and when you […]

Fragrance – A tribute..

Sometimes I get asked questions that surprises me. I could, if I didn’t want to elaborate or it was one of those questions that doesn’t really mean anything, get away with saying “x is my favourite fragrance, what’s yours?” But sometimes I like to dig deeper because “why?” is just as important as “what?” because […]

To the warp with it..

People in my world don’t understand it. They look at one of my paintings – they’re hanging on the walls so they’re kind of difficult to miss – and say “that’s nice” but I can see they just say something nice because they don’t want to say what they really think (“what a waste of […]

Rescue mission..

Usually when Moxxi is sniffing and digging around there’s a mouse she can hunt. Not this time. She found something allright but not something she’s allowed to hunt, hurt or kill because it’s an endangered species. She woke this one up from it’s slumber. It’s still a bit too cold so it wasn’t in the […]


Looking like a tepee today (too). I ran out of heat a week ago and since the shop decided that it’s summer now there’s no heat to be found. Just patio furniture and summer stuff that no one wants right now. They – like I – want something to put in the oven but no […]