Silly daffodils..

The daffodils are finally here. I don’t blame them for being very late, the temperature is still well below zero at night and a couple of days ago we had hail, so yeah.. Some of them were were broken so I picked them and took them inside. What a difference the temperature made. They looked happy almost imidiately, began to open during the efternoon and I wanted to test if they’d play along. I’ve tried this with white and yellow tulips but never with daffodils. Water in a bottle or vase, add liquid food colour – blue in this case – then add the flowers. I used blue because mixed with yellow it makes green and maybe there would appear some green somewhere. So now we wait..

Three days later.. Ok! They do want to play. Nice! Let’s see what happens in a day or two. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I enjoyed this experiment and I never know which flowers will play along until I try. It’s fun and sometimes it gives some unique and exciting patterns. I learned this as a kid and I still find it oddly amusing.

Have a great day and stay safe ☺

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4 thoughts on “Silly daffodils..

  1. I have only a few daffodils growing in a protected area under my front window. I’m lucky they made a return trip this spring. A bud but not blooming yet.

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