No title..

I got a weird question some time ago. Well.. weird at first but after a bit of thinking it actually made sense. “Why don’t you give your paintings a title?” And it’s true, I don’t. Just a number. First one I ever made is of course nr. 1. Then nr. 2 and so on, you get the picture (chuckle..) I never thought about it until it was pointed out to me but subconsciously I must’ve done what I love in a painting: being able to figure out by my self what I want it to be. It’s like.. with a title my brain is being primed to see what the title describes and nothing else and I’m not smart enough to avoid it. So if an abstract painting is named .. I don’t know.. “Sunrise over lily pond”, then that’s exactly what I’ll see whether it’s there or not and I can’t see anything else. It’s kind of sad but I understand the need for a title. It’s just the way paintings are I guess.

However.. a title is sometimes very helpful when I can’t see anything in the painting. I mean.. if all I see is an explosion in a paint factory as mentioned in a previous post, well .. a title would be extremely helpful in order to figure out what it is. Take this one for instance.. it’s labeled “nr. 2”. But what is it other than a playfull afternoon with no goal? I don’t know. Honestly I don’t. Because.. I just wanted to mess around with some paint when I made it and to some it’s just an explosion in a paint factory and it’s perfectly fine. It’s been hanging on my wall for a while now and I kind of like it. Some days it reminds me of magma and ash and other days it reminds me of a spinach-based dish gone horribly wrong.

“Nr. 2”

But what is it really?

Have a great day and stay safe ☺

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