Murder we heard..

The sound of an animal dying is never pleasant for most people. However.. it’s the way of nature and nature is a brutal place to be. All prey knows that. They also know the rules of nature. That’s what keeps them alert and alive. It has to be this way. For another animal the sound is different. For a predator it’s kind of like banging a diner gong.. boiiiingggg come and get it if you can. For Moxxi it was like: what? prey sound! Where? There! Get it? No not allowed! Mum is looking out over the field. Does she want it too? She smells very alert and a little scared. Wolf nearby? No just a fox. I don’t want to fight a fox for prey. I can catch my own. I catch mallard when flying. I’m good! And the hunt.. oh man the hunt.. it’s heaven. I go inside then she’ll follow. She doesn’t smell scared anymore. Don’t understand. Why scared of a fox? They run if you’re big and strong like me. She looks at me funny. Showing teeth. Giving me a treat. All is good.

That’s how I translate her behaviour. It’s more detailed than it really is – she doesn’t think like that, I know – but it’s fun for me to translate her and I know her well enough to claim to be correct some of the way so yeah.. This was the other night. It was getting dark and I couldn’t see anything in the field. She could so I looked in the same direction as her for a pair of eyes I honestly didn’t want to see. They’re scary in the dark – even if they belong to a cat. The sound was a hare that lost its life to a fox. Just that one scream. Then silence. That was a skilled fox and I’m happy it got a nice meal for it’s trouble. We went inside and I smiled at Moxxi because she stayed put (and there was no eyes) so no panic situation occured. I don’t want her close to a fox for obvious reasons. Fox are like deer. Fine to look at but no touching.

There was an “incident” in winter. That one startled me! But not because of the eyes. I have hares in my garden, they come and go like all other wildlife here and I watch them when they do. They’re big! I hear foxes on a regular basis. Some times they’re more active than others but I’ve come to know their sounds very well. I’ve yet to see one though. I would like to see one in the wild. Just once. Anyway.. Moxxi and I were outside as usual and we’d been playing and training for about an hour when she heard the prey sound. One scream.. then another, and I heard it too. Then a couple of screams and then silence. Mox was close to the fence looking towards the “forest”, I followed suit but saw nothing. It snowed as well so… Then another scream. Oh boy.. I had to..

I got Moxxi inside and left the house to investigate. At that time I didn’t know anything but: “an animal has been hurt and if I can help I will”. I looked for an animal or blood some other sign that I was on the right track. What I found was completely still until I got close enough, meaning about two meters. Then he turned his head, then I saw him, he looked up at me and said “Hi” with a smile. I don’t know what I’d expected, but a hunter wasn’t it! I’m not embarrassed to admit that I was startled! šŸ˜µ I got a picture of him sitting and waiting. He’s hard to spot…

Turned out he was there to hunt fox – there’s too many – and what better way to do that is to dig in, wait and let the hunting call do it’s magic. He showed me the animal call and explained that it should sound like a wounded animal. I could only tell him that it definitely works! He found that funny. But to a fox that means an easy meal. That’s what Moxxi heard and she was ready had she not been on a leash. That’s what I heard and now I know that no animal was suffering. The hunter told me that he had only shot one so far and I think I unintentionally prevented more hunting right there for a little while haha. To me fox are wild animals that deserves respect. They’re around us and as long as we can stay clear of each other we’re all fine. I don’t have anything they want so that’s no problem. They’re beautiful, very skilled and versatile. I don’t see them as a pest but as a valuable part of nature. I don’t mess with them and they don’t mess with me. All is good. I would still like to see one in the wild though. Just once..šŸ˜Š

Copyright Ā© 2021

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