Canvas therapy..

So I ordered a gaming chair for my self. I need something good to sit in and since I don’t want a standard office chair I went for the gaming chair. It looks really good and comfy and the company is fast so I thought “yes! I’ll get it before the weekend and then..” What an idiot I am – I forgot about easter! I don’t pay attention to that so it surprised me – like it does every time haha.. I’ll have to wait a week before I can get my chair. I got so very disappointed, I had hoped to give that poor back a nice thing in the weekend.

So.. to cheer my self up I made a painting instead. Preparations takes some time since I don’t leave the things out when I’m done. You see.. I have a sweet little doggo who believes she’s still a lil’ pup and she’ll steal the paper towels not regarding the paint on it. It’s acryllic paint and therefore water based but I don’t think it’s completely harmless. So.. and I make a royal mess when I play with colours and shapes. I wear gloves and it helps.. for a while. I wanted to test som paint I bougt on sale:

I mixed the paint and kept it simple blue, red and white. Then poured it over the canvas without any plan and then picked it up and tilted it to make shapes to my liking. Eventually the whole canvas is covered (and my hands, the tray from the limo and part of the table 😉) and when I’m happy with it, I put it down and let it dry in peace. I could use a brush or two but I’m just an amateur playing and like the unpredictability of this method. This time I got this result:

I actually like this one enough to put it on the wall. I get sort of a crystal.. geode.. kind of vibe. I don’t know..

Maybe you see something else and maybe it’s pleasant for you to look at. I hope so ☺

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