So it begins.. again..!

It’s spring! Except for a few spring flowers there’s not much spring anywhere. That home-made cover is now serving as a cozy raincoat. We have to protect those kidneys and even though it looks ridiculous she’s happy wearing it. It stays in place and doesn’t move anywhere. It protects her and she knows. But back to the other coat that this little story is about..

Moxxi gets brushed thoroughly once a week most of the year and it’s adequate. When spring rolls around there’s way more Moxxi on the floor and in the couch and on my clothes and.. her thighs begin to look like this:

Time to intensify. We find the brushes twice a week to begin with. Then when it’s worst I brush her every other day and get about this much wool every time.

It lasts for a month or two and we know the drill. I like to brush her – it’s a lot of work but that’s part of the package when you get a husky – it gives me wool that I can turn into yarn and hopefully some day make something with.

Some like to wait and take it all in one go. Some have access to a professional groomer who takes care of it. I prefer to brush often instead. Moxxi told me that it’s much nicer because it itches so much. So that’s the way we do it. It’s a great way for me to look for beasties at the same time. We “talk” about a lot of things when she gets brushed and it’s clear that she enjoys it. If she’s in the mood we’ll finish with the vacuum cleaner. She found out what it can do and is fine with it. Look at that thigh now – it’s beautiful!

When a husky is blowing coat it’s brutal. But being double coated she has to change the winter coat into something else. There’s still two coats when she’s done but the summer coat is thinner.

She’s high maintenance and very time consuming but I knew and accepted that before I got her. I enjoy most of it. Mostly because I can see that she enjoys it and is feeling good.

I hope you’re feeling good too. Have a great day..

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