Favourite soup..!

I want to share my soup with you. It’s not just any soup. It’s elderberry soup, it’s delicious and it’s my favourite! Elderberries are tricky, poisonous, edible and healthy.. all at the same time. It’s a very common bush / tree in Scandinavia and by the looks of it my tree has been around for […]

Worn out…

Have you ever had a tool, an implement, a piece of clothing or something that you were so fond of that when it gave up it was.. well, it’s not the end of the world obviously, but it can be very frustrating because the item is so old that it’s been discontinued a long time […]

So it begins.. again..!

It’s spring! Except for a few spring flowers there’s not much spring anywhere. That home-made cover is now serving as a cozy raincoat. We have to protect those kidneys and even though it looks ridiculous she’s happy wearing it. It stays in place and doesn’t move anywhere. It protects her and she knows. But back […]

Unwelcome passenger..

That’s usually how I feel about the world – but this bit is not about me. It’s about a little critter that doesn’t pay rent, who aren’t welcome and causes worries and war in this (and many other) household. It’s cold as *beep* and the health hasn’t been on the same track as me. I’m […]