Eggscuse me..

Moxxi likes challenges and learning new things. Yesterday she did both. I taught her the difference between right and left paw so now when I say “right” or “left” she’ll lift the corresponding paw and get a reward. How cool is that? Also the challenge was “put a raw egg in the dogs mouth and see if it can hold it without cracking it”. That’s not a mean challenge and good stuff is inside that the dog can use. The shell however is full of sharp edges so I’ll have to be vigilant. Wanna try doggo?

She sniffed and concluded:”I know this. This is yummy in a crunchy – I’ll take it”. She can be extremely gentle and she found all the gentleness and very carefully took the egg from my hand and held it in her mouth. I kept her still for the camera and when the picture was taken I let her go to see what would happen next.

She put it on the floor without breaking it and sniffed again. When she was done she decided it was time to open and get the goodies. She picked up the egg and let it fall. It didn’t brake but it cracked. She picked it up again and let it fall. This time some of the goodness came out. Lick lick.. yummy!!

I snatched the shell because the edges are extremely sharp and I don’t want those in her system. When I give her a raw egg I put the shells through hell in the mortar to be sure there’s nothing sharp left, then mix it with the egg and let her have it. She benefits from it all and she loves eating it so.. win win.

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