What she’s made for..

Moxxi is in heaven. She’s sooo happy and wants to go outside all the time. The howling and extreme cold wind slowed down and the snow came. On our part of the island that is – the rest of the island has no snow at all. It’s still cold but as long as the wind is behaving it’s actually ok. I know people in this country complaints about the weather all the time but there’s a reason. We like the snow so we want it – especially Cristmast Eve – but we tend to forget how crazy cold, nasty and an extreme hassle it really is. The same with sun. We want it so bad but two weeks of sun and warm weather we go “pheew too much!” We want the weather. We just can’t handle it.

I heard about -60oC somewhere a couple of days ago – I don’t remember where – and I saw -30oC in Canada. With the same wind speed as here. We’ve had very low temperatures the last couple of weeks – while I’m writing this it’s -8oC – and it must be annoying for people living in really cold areas to listen to our “buhuu” and I apologize for that. It’s just.. last time I saw snow in winter was four years ago. It’s been wet and mild since. I forget what snow feels like and why I hate it. Moxxi doesn’t. Her first winter here was very snowy. There was a huge pile blown up against some bushes and she jumped as high as she could at only five months old and landed inside the huge pile of snow. FLUMPP.. Gone! Only the tip of her ears were showing. She had a blast and played around digging and doing dog stuff inside the pile. I was standing waiting for her to come out and I was so happy she got to feel snow.

The last four times have been rainy, dark and gloomy, but very mild. So I forgot. This cold came suddenly and took a lot of people by surprise. It’s even so cold this time that the ice on some lakes is safe enough to walk and skate on. That doesn’t happen often. The only one who was truly happy here when the snow came was Moxxi. To me it means hurting joints, shoveling snow, a lot of layers feeling like a spacesuit, keeping the fire going to keep warm etc. Moxxi thinks: YAY!! Finally! Some weather for ME! I want to go outside and play. Can I? Please? And I’ll take her out because I want her to be happy. I need her to enjoy it as long as she can and while the snow’s here.

This is weather she was made for. We play, practise things and find treats in the snow. She runs a lot, jumps around, walk, sniffs and examines and chases things. She’s truly happy and when we go home or inside she’ll get food and drink, then find the most comfortable place and take a nap. Maybe I’ll join her. We need to rest a bit before we go outside and do all this all over again.

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