If I say “art” what do you think of? Is is sculptures? Paintings? Something else? Does it have to have a purpose or can it be enjoyed just because it’s there? To me the concept of “art” is .. weird. I mean.. if a known artist paints a picture – let’s say one colour on the whole canvas and then a triangle in one corner in another colour. That sells for a lot of moneys because the artist is known. If it was me who made that painting it wouldn’t sell at all. The painting is the same but there’s a diference. That’s the weird part and the reason why I don’t recognize the term “art”. It becomes something almost pretentious and I don’t like that. Art should be for everyone.

I’m an idiot when it comes to “art”. I don’t see the “art”. I just see something and maybe I like it or maybe I don’t. It’s that (to me) nice and simple. It’s also what’s gets me into trouble with artists. Because I was taught to say something nice if I can and if I can’t and feel like I have to say something, then say something that might be funny, and most important: be honest and true to you self. Trust me; the last one is not a good idea if you don’t like the painting! Oh boy..

First time I got into trouble was the question in class: “what do you think?” I looked at the painting and there was a lot of weird colours and very abstract. Being the idiot I am I couldn’t find anything nice to say – I wanted to say it looked like something the cat threw up.. twice.. but.. – so I went for a funny and said that it looked like a colourful explosion in a paint factory. It did! Not a word from the artist, the face said it all. I’ve heard artists can be a bit dramatic so I ran for it. Idiot and a coward.. ah well.

Second time I’d learned my lesson. Don’t go for funny. Just say something nice and if you can’t do that just say “I don’t know” or something and hope they don’t poke you. Different artist. Again a painting that I didn’t like. Oh boy.. got ushered over and asked for my opinion. Here we go again. I really tried to find something nice about the painting. I couldn’t. But! The frame was one of these aluminium things – quite pleasant to look at and I believed I was saved so I said: “It’s a nice frame – I like that a lot”. I meant it – the frame really was nice and quite frankly the only pleasant thing to look at. I don’t remember all the words directed at my sorry excuse for a creative look and what not. I just remember wishing artists to stop asking for my opinion because it never occures to me to simply tell a white lie. I stink at that.

So now I’ve made a painting. It took me a while to build up the courage. I think it’s very intimidating – there’s no erasing once the paint hits the canvas and what if it looks like.. well an explosion in a paint factory. Making this doesn’t make me an “artist” – at least I don’t think so. I made it because I wanted to try. For the fun of it. I got canvases for Christmas and it would be a shame not to use them. Making a “real” painting where you can see what it’s supposed to be is not something I can – that requires the ability to draw – at least that’s what I think. But this I can. Maybe. I made another that looked like something a pigeon had dropped from a high altitude, but then I got to figure out a new and creative use for an old squeegee. But I think it’s great to find out that there’s a whole world of how-to-paintings to discover. This one is a bit like a galaxy somewhere.. or?

I wish you all a great day. Be safe and comfy..

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