Safe at home..

Some people.. I’m glad I don’t need company so badly that I’ll do crazy things just because I have to be alone. I feel sorry for them. It must be awful to be so used to being around others that the thought of being alone scares them. I know of people who’d rather stay in a dysfunctional relationship than being alone. I’m never going to be able to understand that one. During the pandemic it really shows who’s having a case of “cabin fever” at this point. Ordinary people who under normal circumstances wouldn’t dream of acting the least bit weird but is acting up and doing things that might get them in trouble. They’ve had enough, they just want this shit to go away. I get it. We all do. But I don’t think it’s going to help much setting fire to cars, marching in the streets braking windows, destroying private property and maybe riot a bit. How is that helpful? It’s just going to create a lot (more) trouble for others who also had enough by now, who also have trouble of their own and who are also struggling to stay sane and safe. The have to deal with this behaviour on top of everything else. Sigh..

Good to be safe at home. Nobody is destroying anything, the few people who lives here are just going about their day as best they can trying to stay safe and keep others safe too because: what’s the alternative?! No need to seek out trouble – the world has enough as it is. We’re keeping as far away from other people as possible – we’re safe and in no hurry to be with others unless they need help. We make the best of what we’ve got and enjoy the simple things. Like a little snow that didn’t go away, a small mushroom or a tree seen from a weird angle.

Stay safe and have a great day..

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