Snow! ..ish..

Yesterday.. Breaking news.. It didn’t rain!! Well not until the afternoon but still. It was dry and the sun peaked through. Imagine to be happy just for that? It was almost euphoria. That’s how long it’s been grey and rainy. So Moxxi and I was outside for a good deal longer than usual – she hates the rain but at least she can cope if I’m with her. When she was a lil’ pup she was convinced that she couldn’t get outside at all if it was raining. She got all depressed and just looked outside with those sad eyes. I taught her that it would be fine. “I’ll go with you. See.. we’re not dying. We’re fine, yes? Go use the bathroom please”. So she learned. This also means that I have to go with her every time but that’s a small price to pay. Inside she’ll be wrapped in a big towel and rubbed mostly dry, then the rest of the dampness is removed with a blow dryer. It seems a bit excessive and she’s spoiled rotten but it’s worth it. In my world a cold and wet dog is a potentially sick dog and I don’t want that.

But yesterday was great. Moxxi was particularly happy; it was dry and there was snow. Not a lot and mostly slush but it was there! So not only did she get to try and chase the air-food -swans this time- but also play in the “snow” and she was all Yayy!! Made massive zoomies and was goofing around playing and having a ton of fun. Pitstops at my pocket to get a treat and then off again to what imaginary rabbit she was chasing. Clearly very happy with the world. I couldn’t help laughing. She’s so in the moment being just.. happy.

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