January clean-up..

Why is it that when Christmas and New Year is over and all the decorations have to go back to their boxes it takes a lot longer that it did putting them up?? That’s what it feels like. There’s so much all of a sudden that somehow found it’s way out of the boxes and went somewhere in the house. It’s kind of fun anyway – it’s like a treasure hunt. I pick an item – let’s say.. a braided Christmas heart – and hunt every variety of that down until I think I got them all. Then on to the next item. When I think I’m all done and everything is lying on the table ready to be packed neatly I walk through the house and it never fails; I’ve forgotten something. Just one thing. It’s just the way it is but with that one found I can pack everything away. I use boxes from fireworks from previous years. They’re perfect for storing fragile decorations and I can see through the lid and pick the right box without any hassle. That’s nice.

The Christmas tree will need a replacement next time. An accident occured and the result is a tree with the top forty cm broken almost off. It looks somewhat creative but I like the star to be in the top so.. I’ll just strip it and make a garland of the branches. That’s going to be the third garland I make from a busted tree so at some point I’ll end up getting good at it. Or I’ll just make something weird of it – it’s not going to waste. Moxxi’s looking very attentive at it – she knows where the gifts are coming from. She was very happy with her gifts and maybe I forgot to give her one…

New Years Eve went as usual – Moxxi was having a good time even though she had to put up with the leash but I can’t have her chasing the boom’s. She made playbows at the rockets, kept an eye on them and followed them into the air to go boom and looked at what they made in the sky. I know she can see the blue colours clearly as blue. The other colours I’m not sure how she sees – brownish or mustard some say. She likes rockets. Not a flinch when they said boom but stiff lims, head held high and the tail likewise. No fraidy doggo here. She’ll just go: next one! Hurry! One more! I’m not patient so while you get the next I’ll just sniff over here maybe mark my turf, look at other boom’s and I’ll be ready when you are.

I doubled up on masks because there would be smoke and I’m not sure that would be the best for the copd. So still able to breathe fairly easy, holding the leash and keeping a good distance there was nothing to worry about. Only thing I missed was lighting the fireworks. I had assistance for that. We looked at the fireworks from the village – it was very quiet compared to what it usually is and lasted only about half an hour. But the authorities did ask everyone to dial it down and obey the restrictions and most people did. That’s good.

The catties didn’t care one bit. They know what it is and they know there’s no reason to poop their fur so they don’t. They didn’t even look out the window. Maybe I trained them too well. The oldest turned 12 so when we came inside I found her on one of her sleeping places not caring about anything. She did however care about the tuna I served – uh that was yummy. Some aluminium foil crammed into a ball was great fun.. she doesn’t care about cat-toys and if she catches me looking at her while she plays with it she stops at once, sits down and start washing herself as if to say “nope I did not play, I’m very adult and don’t play like a kitten – you saw nothing!”

Spending time packing everything away reminded me of something: a friend told me one of their family members who only decorates the tree once (when it’s bought I imagine). When the holidays are over a big plastic bag is put over the tree with star, lights and decorations on and put away in a corner in the garage until next Christmas. So.. next Christmas it’s just; get the tree inside, remove the bag and bam! it’s Christmas (and hope the mice haven’t chewed it up). Well that’s one way of doing it. I couldn’t do that. I enjoy decorating the tree and I don’t want the same drum on the same branch every year. Anyway. All done. Time to decide what Christmas decorations to make for next time. Just like all the other years and probably going to end up with the same result. Nah not yet, a little tired of Christmas, it’s not for months! I got time.. Until November comes around, kicks me in the pants and makes me panic because I made.. nothing. Maybe it’s a tradition I wasn’t aware of.. ?

For now I’ll fight myself – the bad mood came the day after (our) Christmas, reality came knocking, severeral thing broke and the result was a nosedive post that matched the mood. I shouldn’t have made it but I thought that lousy mood is also a part of life and it’s not all puppydogs and rainbows. I thought about deleting it but… Mistakes shouldn’t be hidden away. I’ll leave it as a reminder of what not to do – something to learn from. Instead of trying to be smart I’ll stick to what I’m good at: procrastinating and doing weird stuff just for the fun of it. Having fun has become more important to me since halloween.. I don’t know the expiration date so I want to have the fun I can – while I can. Have a great day..

A little morning gold to brighten the day..

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