Safe at home..

Some people.. I’m glad I don’t need company so badly that I’ll do crazy things just because I have to be alone. I feel sorry for them. It must be awful to be so used to being around others that the thought of being alone scares them. I know of people who’d rather stay in […]

Snow! ..ish..

Yesterday.. Breaking news.. It didn’t rain!! Well not until the afternoon but still. It was dry and the sun peaked through. Imagine to be happy just for that? It was almost euphoria. That’s how long it’s been grey and rainy. So Moxxi and I was outside for a good deal longer than usual – she […]

January clean-up..

Why is it that when Christmas and New Year is over and all the decorations have to go back to their boxes it takes a lot longer that it did putting them up?? That’s what it feels like. There’s so much all of a sudden that somehow found it’s way out of the boxes and […]