I thought I could write a small story before the clock strikes twelve, but I’m not feeling it. There’s nothing there right now. It’ll be back. I know what I did wrong – that’s a great start to do things right. I thought I could put the blog and what I do with it in some kind of scedule. It’s just not working. My head is chaotic, I never know how I’m feeling when I get up, I can’t plan dinner for tomorrow or chores for this afternoon. It’s been like this for ages so why did I think I could put the blog into some kind of system all of a sudden? That was stupid because I know better. I know it’s impossible for me to do because of reasons I’m not ready to share with anyone and experience tells me that schedules are toxic to me. So.. time to be realistic. Expectation: at least one post with some meat on once a week. Reality: a post when ever I think something is interesting or worth sharing and I can be left alone long enough to write it. Hmm. With a chaotic head I guess I would be surprised if the blog would be any different. The blog actually has way more structure than my head ever had so there’s that. Welp.. Can’t be helped. I live with it and it’s ok.

The end of the year is the time where a lot of people think about stuff. Maybe this year there’s more time for reflection than usual and that’s not always a bad thing. Some make New Years resolutions and maybe they achieve their goals or maybe they don’t. New Years resolutions are not for me. I’ve tried, but I fail – mostly because I lose interest very quickly – and I don’t need that feeling. So I’ve accepted that resolutions is not for me and leave them to others who are successful. I make wishes instead and sometimes they even come true. I also try to find something good that happened during the year. This time I found that part extra important, so here’s a couple of other things that aren’t virus or negative.

Triton Submarines have made a sub (duh..) and it sounds like something I would really like to try if I had the money and the courage. It can carry six tourists down to about 3280 ft/1000 m. That’s truly amazing. It looks very nice – beautiful even. I just hope the air-conditioning and lights are good. It’s extremely cold and dark down there I’m told. But look at the sub and imagine to be able to go down there just to see what it’s like? Imagine what might come into view. What if a giant squid came by to say hello. Not like “The Beast” in Peter Benchley’s book but in a friendly manner. What a giant hug it could give!

I stumbled across something about an Australian creature I’ve never heard of before: Thylarctos plummetus. Apparantly it’s a quite dangerous creature related to the koala. It’ll drop from the trees, land on the prey thus stunning it and then bite the prey in the neck. A way to avoid it is to smear vegimite behind the ears but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that it’s effective.
Vegimite behind the ears? That got me laughing out loud! The creature’s english name is “Drop Bear” and is of course not real but the fact that Australian Museum has made a warning page about it says a great deal about Australias sense of humor.

Since I can’t get on that sub or go to Australia I’ll settle for a quiet New Years evening right here but that’s ok too. Something nice to eat – this year it’s completely luxury dinner. I came across a piece of cod filet. It was expensive as heck but it’s the only fish I really like and I haven’t had cod for many years so I believe I deserve it – being alive at the end of 2020. Then looking at the fireworks that other people have, going outside with Moxxi so we can get a better look. She’s fine with it. I’ve trained her so it doesn’t bother her. She’ll get extremely mad if she’s not allowed outside when it’s time to send off our fireworks. She wants be part of it too. So she is. Trained the catties too, so they don’t care either. Some times they’ll sit in the windowsill and look at it but more often they just go about their business not even trying to pretend to care. The important thing for me is that all the paws are safe and not scared.

It’s going to be ok. My New Year wish is: that people would be nicer to each other and to animals. And I’ll wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. Be safe – in more than one way 😉

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