Afraid in the dark..

Short story

Wilbur sat up with a jerk. He’d just moved in and needed a little rest but then he fell asleep. What was is he’d heard? He was sleeping peacefully and was dreaming but then there was this sound that didn’t belong in the dream. What had made that sound? Stomp!! … Stomp!! It sounded like something huge and alarming. The floorboards creaked with every stomp. Something or someone was in the hallway! Wilbur had goosebumps all over. He wondered if he could chase it away but gave up on that. He was much to small and scared to be able to do anything effective about it anyway. He watched the gap under the door where the light from the hallway was visible.

There was silence. Maybe..? Stomp!! … Stomp!! Wilbur made himself as small as possible in the bed while he thought that the sound had to come from a monster of some kind. It must have gained acces to the hallway while Wilbur was sleeping but it was strange that he hadn’t heard anything. Maybe he had been sleeping deeper than he thought. Maybe the monster would pass the door without opening it. Wilbur hoped so. He didn’t want to think about all the things that might happen if he was found.

But the pictures came anyway. A monster with a big black thing that could do terrible things to him. Or the monster had something that sounded lige a giant canon that could.. NO! He would NOT think about all the horrible things that could happen. He had to escape, but how? The window was closed and he didn’t have the strength to open it. Besides.. there were probably monsters far worse outside and he didn’t want to meet any of them. The door maybe? Nope! That led to the hallway, right into the arms of the monster. Wilbur wasn’t stupid.

Stomp!! … Stomp!! The sound was very near. Then it stopped. Wilbur could see distorted shapes in the gap under the door. The light from the hallway made it clear that the monster was right outside the door! Wilbur held his breath. The doorhandle began to move. Very slowly it turned and the door opened bit by bit. The hallway light partly illuminated the room and the silhouette of the monster was clear against it. It was huge and had a weapon of some sort in one hand! The weapon emitted a beacon of light that lit up part of the monster. There was a lot of fur and weird eyes.. like an insect. Wilbur was frozen with fear.

The monster moved over to the bed and Wilbur fled into the corner of it. The monster put down the weapon and shedded it’s outer shell. It removed the eyes too. Then it laid down. Wilbur began to move away from the bed bud as he did so the monster growled very loudly so he hurried back again. He was trapped. He tried to figure out how to get away when another monster turned up! This one wasn’t as big but had a lot more fur. The sight of another monster jolted Wilburs terrified brain and he fled down under the bed.

The second monster didn’t come into the room. It just stood there a short while and then she said: “when you move away from home you’ll find out what electricity costs..” Then she closed the door and the light disapeared from the hallway a couple of minutes later. Wilbur sighed with relief and looked around to find a better place to sleep. He spotted a nook above him. It seemed like it was a perfect fit so he crawled inside and secured himself with a safety line. Then he turned upside down, folded his eight legs neatly under him and fell asleep.

Copyright © 2020

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