Merry Christmas 2020

Made the last batch of “vaniljekranse”. Directly translated it’s: vanilla wreaths and I’m going to stick with that and here’s why: I tried to find out what it translated into and “Danish butter cookies” is a thing yes, but it’s not this. There’re no almonds and no star stape and those has to be there, so vanilla wreaths it is. It’s the only cookie I make for Christmas because it’s the only one I really like. It’s also the cookie that will make the bathroom scale yell “one at a time!!” so.. yeah.

Found a couple of minutes to make a clove face in a mandarin – just for the fun of it. The hat is for at bottle but it fits nicely so who cares. Also – and this is a real treat! – sitting down, feet up, relaxing after accomplishing my (few) goals for the day and have a mug of piping hot mulled wine. Ah, this… is good! No almond strips, but raisins that have been soaking in the wine since last night so they’re big and soft and maybe a wedge of orange. Just the way I like it. Not gonna move for a couple of hours – that’s for sure. It does have an impact on the balance so.. not too much.

🎄 Moxxi and the rest of the quill-crew wish all of you the best day possible. Please stay safe 🎄

Merry Christmas

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